model / misbehavior

Quondam is an altogether new type of architecture museum   3000   b   c   d   e   f   g   h   i   j   k   l   m   n   o   p   q   r   s   t   u   v   w   x   y   z

subversively reenacting   3001   b   c   d   e   f   g   h   i   j   k   l   m   n   o   p   q   r   s   t   u   v   w   x   y   z

not playing "tricky precedent," just jpg du jour   3002   b   c   d   e   f   g   h   i   j   k   l   m   n   o   p   q   r   s

still called the primary object   3003

still have trouble convincing others   3004

gaps between production and consumption   3005

the architect and the critic are the same person   3006

I mean pretentiously   3007

peculiarly narrow   3008

shockingly hierarchical   3009

much of the intellectual development in architecture   3010

Architecture inadvertently took an important step   3011

the collection was articulated   3012

works from an archive or   3013

data and other findings   3014

eschew the protocols   3015

confuse the category   3016

ambiguously emerged as possible   3017

hypervisual quality   3018

newly flexible attitude   3019

many forms of interpretation   3020

the much looser notion   3021

mediums and cultural typologies   3022

take many forms, not just the conventional ones   3023

filled with many things vying   3024

competitive and rife   3025

not always recognized   3026

doubt explains why   3027

their experimental approach   3028

developmants that expanded   3029

a new set of possibilities   3030

exegesis within culture   3031

a rich terrain   3032

uncanny capacity   3033

as Duchamp had done   3034

culture that doesn't actually exist   3035

anything that coordinates   3036

significant controversy   3037

all the gas stations double as palaces   3038

something fleeting is almost guaranteed   3039

revel in their flatness   3040

inspired by Le Corbusier's late work   3041

absorption in the extreme   3042

equal doses of creation and destruction   3043

(theoretical) war of (philosophical) ruins   3044

modern cinema and Hindu temples   3045

ancient Egyptian cheerleaders   3046

not necessarily site specific   3047

as close to Piranesi as possible   3048

the extreme cases   3049

an annexation of mimesis   3050

What architecture manifests the highest frequencies?   3051

categorical hybrids   3052

[r]evolved into   3053

"The professor's lecture on architectural lacunae harbored critical lacunae itself."   3054

a completely abstract reality   3055

the methodological/critical shift from what should be architecture to what could be architecture   3056

antithetical to ornamental additions   3057

Isn't architecture itself very likely the most pervasive artificial thing on this planet?   3058

what amounts to over-design   3059

post-Purist manifestations   3060

ultimate plan of an ancient Roman themepark   3061

even the 'secret' content   3062

an educated blindness to symbolism   3063

maybe delusional characterizes the predominate   3064

It reenacts both evolution and aesthetics!   3065

trained at designing oblivion   3066

how things un-happen   3067

an aftershock of wanting more   3068

original content scares people   3069

making it osmotic and electromagnetic   3070

an interesting late period   3071

add 'ephemerality' to the mix   3072

highly designed trash   3073

definitely maybe   3074

not a very popular style for living in   3075

eliminating the common insecurities   3076

"Yeah, but you don't want to design that way!"   3077

unwittingly generates pastiche 2   3078

Schachtel Architektur   3079

ultra-original architecture that no one can easily understand   3080

and radical only rarely   3081

voids and opportunities   3082

an architecture equivalent to atomic theory   3083

a medium that one is completely ignorant of   3084

the older you get, the more future you've actually seen   3085

the reality of relativity   3086

the hype is what becomes a much distorted history   3087

never without clues   3088

more coincidental than anything else   3089

redesigning newness   3090

instinct is much quicker   3091

where the real creative fun is   3092

Baroque is a double theater   3093

whatever the beholder thinks it is   3094

the fluid associational glue   3095

a style architecture would do well to emulate   3096

eclectic plan meets typical program   3097

planned eclecticism meets programmatic type   3098

a detectable magic in true non-homogeneous visionariness   3099



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