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2001.11.28 11:21
Re: eHomes
I think there is a lot here in discussing "eHomes" that can be beneficial, so I'd hate to see this thread die out.
I have some questions/comments for the previous posters:
M: Could you make more of a distinction between what you see as 'real' issues and what you see as 'image' issues when it comes to designing homes?
S: What do you see as the architect's 'first' career before "Media systems & Lighting Controls, 3D design, Green Architecture?"
R: Given your experience with researching and designing LED installations, do you think it possible that screens within houses could be used to help heat a house, and/or would the heat generated by interior screens cause an added problem when cooling down a house is more important than heating it?
B: As far as I know, the only real way to utilize (i.e., design with) 3d cad data is with cad software. VMRL is based on data generated with cad, but does not render true interactivity with the data (in my opinion). I've had cad at home since 1987, and yes it was very expensive to do that back then, and I would guess that I was among a very small number of architects in a similar position at that time. (There would not be a Quondam today if I did not have cad at home. Maybe I've had a kind of pre-eHome, but never really thought about it that way. I certainly ran a small cad business out of my home for awhile.) Nonetheless, you bring up a significant issue in raising the question 'how do architects get there data to be more accessible for others (like clients) to use?' --- As to providing more 'outlets' and 'inlets'(?) for the home, much of that is already there, but I'm not sure how much attention architects pay it. For example, the only stuff needed so far at my end to deliver Quondam is a computer with cad and other image softwares, fluency in hypertext markup language, the data itself, and an active telephone jack. After that there is of source the whole "architecture of electricity" that you introduced us to, but when looking at just what I need personally, it is still fairly minimal considering how far and wide Quondam is able to travel. Again, maybe I inhabit more of an eHome than I've before realized. Is it then possible for me to say that I as an architect have already designed an eHome (i.e., my own) albeit unwittingly? I'm not trying here to promote myself, rather trying to demonstrate (like you do with the "architecture of electricity") that eHomes already exist but that 'architecture' hasn't recognized them yet.
It could be that the eHomes that are REAL so far do not fit the [pre]conceptions of what architects and others IMAGE-ine eHomes to be.
Seeing that lots of homes in my neighborhood are already extremely decorated for Christmas, I'm now thinking how interesting it would be to have a house with exterior screens, and then when Christmas (or Halloween, or Valentine's Day, etc.) comes around, you simply 'program' the screens to 'decorate' your house according to the holiday. HO! HO! HO! (Oh no! Screens with sound too?!?!? Yikes!!!!)
Again, architecture as the delivery of content.



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