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2007.11.20 16:58
Architecture Movies
Stourley Kracklite, the architect in The Belly of an Architect lands dead on the roof of a car after letting himself fall off backwards from the Victor Emmanuale Monument.

2007.11.19 11:04
the official sketch thread

landscape design for Battery Park City, 1986.10.06
...the rectangle with dots in lower center represents a raised platform the size of the largest elevator of the World Trade Center on top of which are as many life size nude human statues that would fit with then a trail of nude human statues meandering through the park and out into the Hudson River.

2007.11.12 08:00
Nudity and Architecture
Ledoux reenacting Piranesi, plus a link to "Sexual Architecture??".
Ledoux's proposed plan for a brothel for Chaux, which reenacts part of Piranesi's plan of the Bustum Augusti within the Ichnographia Campus Martius.

Giovanni Battista Piranesi
Bustum Caesaris Augusti
within the Ichnographia Campus Martius

Claude-Nicolas Ledoux   Maison de Plaisir   c. 1789
Claude-Nicolas Ledoux   Oikèma   c. 1789

2007.11.11 17:30
The End of Boxes
from Oeuvre Complète, Vol. 7:

The design is an interesting combination of box, blob and mat.




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