20 November

284 Diocletian was proclaimed emperor at Nicomedia

1920 birth of Ian McHarg

Museum for Nordrhein-Westfalen
1996.11.20     2226c

me and the Ichnographia
1997.11.20     3300 3316d 3728 3780 3785 3792b 5027 5057 5319f 5397h 7620

sex, Mars, reenactment
1997.11.20     e2522 e2543 e2692 e2696 e2776 e2905 e2909 e2921 e2996 e3016 e3044 e3102 3792b

Signing of Buildings
2000.11.20     3747b

9 November 1778
2000.11.20     2072 5300e 8210d

sarcophagus, not sepulcher
2000.11.20     8210d

20 November 1996
2001.11.20 13:16     3148 3705g 3730e 3734 3765

Ben Franklin, etc. [a 'real' virtual architecture in them]
2002.11.20 12:17     2369 3146 3730f 3751d 3786f 4016g

Rock Creek maps

2003 terrorist bombings at Istanbul

architectural otherness
2006.11.20     3709w

Architecture Movies
2007.11.20 16:58     3203b 3334f

The current state of Architecture Theory
2009.11.20 11:33     3331z 3705o 3710e 3720e
2009.11.20 13:27     3705o 3710e
2009.11.20 15:34     3331z 3705o 3710e 3736t 3754h 3771b 5809f 5909m
2009.11.20 15:46     3331z 3705o 3710e 3736t 3754h 3771b 5809g 5909m

The Great Books (of Architecture)
2009.11.20 11:50     3300b 3331z 3703d 3794d 3899g

20 November
2012.11.20 11:57     3300 3736w
2012.11.20 19:35     3754j

20 November
2013.11.20 18:41     3305y 3706b 3723 3724e 3771i 3791p 4411e

20 November
2016.11.19 12:58     3314v 3713n

early Picasso... ...late hejduk
2016.11.20 12:58     3713n

Herzog & de Meuron

06112001 Conference Room of the Olivetti Headquarters Milton Keyes   2216i02

2007.11.20 16:58
Architecture Movies

Stourley Kracklite, the architect in The Belly of an Architect lands dead on the roof of a car after letting himself fall off backwards from the Victor Emmanuale Monument.

2009.11.20 11:50
The Great Books (of Architecture)
The Decline of the Whiskey Empire
Eutropian Theories
Voodoo Valley, 19120
buildings that move(d)
Apostate Architecture
Kissing That Reality Good-bye
The Last Great Pagan Architecture of Rome
Uninhibited Habitations
Architecture of the Divided States of America
Appositional Architecture
Rita Novel This Sontag

2009.11.20 15:34
The current state of Architecture Theory
Here's what comes to my mind when I (too) wrestle* with then what.
I made a bunch of collages during the summer of 2001. These were done for art, and not for architecture, but there was some architectonics within some of the collages.
Last year there was "has the sun finally set on oma?" thread here at archinect/forum. To join in the discussion I wanted to post images of a couple recent OMA projects that I like. And while finding the images online and seeing the projects again and trying to figure how to explain why I like the projects I noticed a kind of strange resemblance to two of the collages I did in 2001. (I did not think that maybe OMA saw the collages online.) What happened at that moment of 'recognition' was an insight into how I myself could have found architectural inspiration in the collages.
*"Eternal Wrest" is the last chapter of Architecture in Critical Condition.

2009.11.20 15:46
The current state of Architecture Theory

Quaestio Abstrusa Background No. 191
28 April 2001
manipulated digital image file

OMA/Rem Koolhaas
Quartier des Halles
2003 2004

14112001 22002 grid for breakdown of NNTC centered in Ury   2413i21
14112002 Ury/NNTC larger context working data   2080i34

15112001   Herzog & de Meuron

17112001 Museum of Architecture plan elevation model work   2245i14
17112002 Parkway Interpolation site plan 1992 orthagonal   2278i18
17112003 Parkway Interpolation site plan existing conditions 1992 orthagonal   2278i19

18112001 IQ15s04 hyperarchitecturism UNEP Headquarters plans model work   2468i33

19112001 iq20 Philadelphia/Camden model   2093i111




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