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328 death of Eutropia

1516 Andrea Briosco was commissioned to make the model for, and direct the works at, the church of S. Giustina at Padua

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Quondam's Fifteenth Anniversary
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Importance of Hotel Sphinx (from Delirious New York)?
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Steven Holl   New Residence at the Swiss Embassy   Washington DC

Herzog & de Meuron   Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology   Moscow

07111201 Ichnographia Quondam southwest section plans   2177i12


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Quondam's Fifteenth Anniversary
I read Sanford Kwinter's "Mack 1 (and Other Mystic Visitations)" last night and early this morning. Back in mid-October 1997, instead of going to the opening of Guggenheim Bilbao, Kwinter and Reiser went to a reenactment--the fiftieth anniversary reenactment of Yeager's October 14, 1947 breaking of the sound barrier. Kwinter calls the event a "commemorative re-enaction, of perhaps the second most significant accomplishment in the history of twentieth-century space," and, because architects did not somehow latch on to this accomplishment (back in the late 1940s), late twentieth-century architectural accomplishments like Guggenheim Bilbao are not as important as they seem. Apparently, architecture missed the real Zeitgeist "boat," however, and most thankfully, a reenactment can come to the rescue.
After reading, a few things started entering my mind, like didn't John Hejduk's Silent Witnesses architecturally address this very Zeitgeist? It's hard to grasp the impact of Silent Witnesses by just the images within The Mask of Medusa, but I still vividly remember seeing the models in person at Cooper Union (Spring Break, 1977). Hejduk definitely did not miss the boat, or the submarine, or the lunar module.

2011.11.12 13:25
Importance of Hotel Sphinx (from Delirious New York)?
For a start, make sure you note that Hotel Sphinx (1975-76) is a design by Elia and Zoe Zenghelis, and the text on Hotel Sphinx within Delirious New York (1st edition, pp. 244-47) is also by Elia Zenghelis.

Roberto Gargiani in Rem Koolhaas/OMA: The Construction of Merveilles also nicely places Hotel Sphinx within the broader OMA and architectural context.

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14111201 Clay Workers Co-op 22002 site context plans models
14111202 ICM plans within Clay Workers Co-op 22002 border
14111203 Clay Workers Co-op site model with ICM infill plans building footprint/model addition/fix

14111201   Steven Holl   New Residence at the Swiss Embassy   Washington DC

17111201 Assembly Building plans   220di01
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