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Jean Jacques Lequeu

There is scarcely a man, I would think, who in his idle moments does not conceive of a novel with himself as the hero. Such dreams, which we call 'castles in Spain', generally leave no more than a slight impression in the mind, as we seldom indulge in them, and more pressing concerns drive them away. But as soon as we have cause for unhappiness, which makes us shun our closest friends and feel disgust at whatever has pleased us earlier, then, as we give in to our dejection, our secret romance will be the only obsession that can distract us. Our passions will gradually deepen the foundations of this imaginary 'castle', there being nothing to hinder its growth: we will fall asleep while building it, and dwell within it in our dreams; and at last, when the impression in our mind has gradually become the same as if we really were what we pretended to be, on awakening we will take all our fancies for realities.
Étienne Bonnot de Condillac, Essay on the Origin of Human Knowledge, 83.

Such was the case with Lequeu, who had nothing left to live for but hoe 'castles in Spain'. The are the work of a skillful bricoleur...




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