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Collector’s Residence

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This prefabricated home is designed as a remote weekend getaway for an art collector. The house can be read as a collection of six cubes, 10 rectangles, and two cylinders, or rather as a cluster of six symmetrical figures. Each of the room-module houses repeats but with a separate program—living room, kitchen, bathroom, and three bedrooms—and all are punctured with rectangular solar chimneys that relate to traditional colonial houses.

Two cylindrical figures on the roof house mechanical systems and a cistern. The room-units are sized to allow for their individual transport to the site by truck, such that only the connections between units need to be made on-site. The system was developed to be easily adaptable by adding additional rooms in the future. Both extensive glazing and bedroom patios allow the home to open up to the surrounding landscape, making the compact interior feel expansive and allowing for multiple entrances, exterior connections, and shortcuts.





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