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Rosseau Lake College   Ontario

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Rosseau Lake College has a striking commitment to the development of the individual. Our proposal for Faculty and Student Housing merges the ideals of community, individuality, and nature into a series of dormitories along the shore of Lake Rousseau. Community is fostered with sheltered paths and gathering areas, Individuality is built with unique self-contained residences, and Nature is embedded in the daily routines of students as they live amongst the tree-lined lakefront.

The proposed Faculty and Student Housing is set into the lakefront hillside in clusters of two or three units in between the main campus and Lake Rosseau. Connection to the college is made feasible through the separation of these clusters where new paths, stairs, and ramps are formed under a continuous roof aligned with the landscape. The Housing is organized to follow the topography of the hills radially, which is an extension of the current masterplan.

Location: Rosseau, Ontario, Canada
Program: Student and Faculty Housing
Size: 13,600 sf
Status: Proposal, 2016


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