The roof plan becomes the paving pattern of the ground level/courtyard...

I now find myself wondering whether I should attempt compiling all my work into a daily (i.e., 365 day) index, where everything I've ever done on a certain day is catalogued, thus ultimately providing a unique calendar of work, which might offer interesting and even inspiring indications of how to continue proceeding with the work.

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The quondam feast of (someone who actually bilocated a couple of times) St. Catherine de Ricci*

*Subsequent to the Second Vatican Council, the feast of St. Catherine de Ricci was moved from 13 February to 3 February--Catherine died 2 February 1590, but I'm pretty sure Sister Caroline said 3 February. Anyway, the Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine de Ricci still celebrate the feat of St. Catherine on 13 February because that is when "most of the Sisters in the Order took their vows."

2003.02.13 10:25
mixing things up
I wish museums mixed things up more. For example, I'd like to see Poons in a French period room, or Duchamp in a Ladies Room. Brancusi next to armor, why not? Museum as future-shock, sort of. Pick your destiny.
Hold me! Thrill me! Kiss me! You're my pride and joy, etc. Now rearrange me.

Saverio Muratori   Palazzo of the Christian Democratic Party  EUR   Rome   1955-58

2002.02.13 10:05
Re: you want moldings?
Thanks for sending the jpeg. Neat stuff. The thing about the Muratori moldings, though, is that I don't think Venturi ever mentions his name or architecture anywhere in print. That doesn't mean that Venturi didn't know about this building, but there is no proof outside Venturi's admission himself that he did know the building. Then again, if the building was under construction or just new when Venturi was at the American Academy in Rome, then one can assume he did indeed see the building.




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