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1746 John Vardy was appointed clerk of the works at Chelsea Hospital

1840 death of Charles Pierre Joseph Normand

Museum for Nordrhein-Westfalen   2226e

"...Re: Stirling's Muses" Part 2
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"being the information"
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Re: you want moldings?
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a double [post-cinematic] theater?
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mixing things up
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review of art work(s)
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Re: plagiarism
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Re: of castles, fortifications, etc.
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gas jet explosion at Olney & Ogontz Philadelphia
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Thread Central
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Artificial islands from all around the world
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What Americans like... AMEEEERICA, AMMMEEERICA....DU DU DU
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Grosse Point: The Devil Weighs In...
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Anyone support tearing it down?
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body art/piercings/etc
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Best Construction Clothing EVER!
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What the corporate acronyms really mean
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pragmatists turning political?
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13 February
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on Courthouse Plus Ultra
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13 February
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This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
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Serrano + Baquero Arquitectos   Museo de la Etnografía

010213a   Electronic Calculation Center Olivetti plan   231ai07

2002.02.13 10:13
a double [post-cinematic] theater?

The plan displayed looks like an actual double theater of sorts.

2003.02.13 10:25
mixing things up
I wish museums mixed things up more. For example, I'd like to see Poons in a French period room, or Duchamp in a Ladies Room. Brancusi next to armour, why not? Museum as future-shock, sort of. Pick your destiny
Hold me! Thrill me! Kiss me! You're my pride and joy, etc. Now rearrange me.

2004.02.13 12:44
Re: of castles, fortifications, etc.
Great stuff.
New Jerusalem, Bryn Athyn Cathedral (or Church of the New Jerusalem), Academy of the New Church, Glencairn, Cairnwood--all local (to me) architecture built with Pitcairn (the local 'Rockefellers') money--for a few years now I call it "a little land of reenactment."

Bryn Athyn is indeed a true Gothic (constructed) Cathedral in that all the stones are held together with gravity alone, perhaps the only true Gothic Cathedral built entirely in the 20th century. Although still large, it is nonetheless somewhat diminutive in that its scale is something like 2/3rds or 3/5ths the average Gothic Cathedral. The overriding symbolism of this Church goes un-noticed by most--nothing in the design is straight, level or exact; column spacing is always slightly off, all walls slightly bow, there is a slight curve of everything, especially to whatever looks straight. Only God is perfect.
The administration building of the Academy of the New Church is a very early Mitchell/Giurgola building, whose design somewhat reenacts the design of Kahn's unexecuted Goldenberg House, which was to be build on a site just couple miles down from Bryn Athyn.
Louis Kahn's unexecuted Domincan Motherhouse of St. Catherine de Ricci is chock full of symbolism--today, 13 February, is the feast of St. Catherine de Ricci. I guess I'll visit Elstowe (for the first time) today, and then maybe go take pictures of the castle at the quondam Beaver College.
The Egyptian walls of hieroglyphics and the Berlin Wall of graffiti.
The metabolic urbanism of contemporary Israel.
The secret symbols of Piranesi's Ichnographia Campus Martius.
It's a real joy to still see cedar trees growing in a place long ago called Cedar Grove.

2006.02.13 14:22
Thread Central
It turns out I was at Metropolis Books 24 June 1988, and I do remember admiring the shelves.

2006.02.13 17:41
Architecture As A Cult
The Horace Trumbauer Architecture Fan Club is definitely a cult, and a very exclusive one at that. There are people literally dying to get in it.

2006.02.13 18:14
Thread Central

designed and built by myself 1985
door on right original, door on left added, as is everything inbetween
the current highlight...

2007.02.13 13:05
Anyone support tearing it down?
I found the perfect replacement!

2007.02.13 14:16
Artificial islands from all around the world

2009.02.13 08:24
pragmatists turning political?
Is any of what you wrote above closely related to "architecture as delivery of content"?
Are there architectures that perform assimilatingly? metabolically? osmotically? electro-magnetically? ultra-frequently?
ars ludi

09021301 IQ B.F. Parkway landmarks plans   2392i80
09021302 IQ Acropolis Q Wallraf-Richartz Museum Breslauer Platz plans   2227i06
09021303 IQ St. Peter's Square Palace of Versailles Chandigarh Palais des Congrès ECCO   2091i03   2177i16

10021301 ICM   2110i77

14021301 New Not There City schematic plan in Northeast Philadelphia context Ury Farm   2090i06
14021302 New Not There City Northeast Philadelphia context Benjamin Franklin Parkway Pruitt Igoe Housing Ury Farm plans   217ai07
14021303 New Not There City Northeast Philadelphia context Karastan Ury Farm plans   2413i18
14021304 New Not There City Northeast Philadelphia context Ottopia, Ury Farm plans   2070i24
14021305 New Not There City Northeast Philadelphia context Eutropia Ury Farm plans   206bi15
14021306 New Not There City Northeast Philadelphia context Chandigarh Ury Farm plans   2175i20
14021307 New Not There City Northeast Philadelphia context the Philadelphia School Ury Farm plans   2237i09
14021308 New Not There City Northeast Philadelphia context District Q Ury Farm plans   2244i08a   b
14021309 New Not There City Northeast Philadelphia context Campo Rovine Ury Farm plans   2413i19
14021310 Ury Farm in Northeast Philadelphia New Not There City context plans   206bi16 2090i07

15021301 Bldg 9593f @ GAUA 1100x550   2429i40
15021302 Bldg 9593g @ GAUA 1100x550   2429i41
15021303 Bldg 9593h @ GAUA 1100x550   2429i42
15021304 Bldg 9593i @ GAUA 1100x550   2429i43
15021305 Bldg 9593j @ GAUA 1100x550   2429i44
15021306 Bldg 9593k @ GAUA 1100x550   2429i45
15021307 Bldg 9593l @ GAUA 1100x550   2429i46
15021308 Bldg 9593m @ GAUA 1100x550   2429i47
15021309 Bldg 9593n @ GAUA 1100x550   2429i48
15021310 Bldg 9593o @ GAUA 1100x550   2429i49
15021311 Bldg 9593q @ GAUA 1100x550   2429i50
15021312 Bldg 9593r @ GAUA 1100x550   2429i51
15021313 Bldg 9593s @ GAUA 1100x550   2429i52
15021314 Bldg 9593p @ GAUA 1100x550   2429i53
15021315 Bldg 9593t @ GAUA 1100x550   2429i54
15021316 Bldg 9593u @ GAUA 1100x550   2429i55
15021317 Bldg 9593v @ GAUA 1100x550   2429i56

15021301   Serrano + Baquero Arquitectos   Museo de la Etnografía

17021301 IQ49 Institute of Contemporary Art Acropolis Q Museum Annex Analogous Building Cut & Paste Museum Circle Squared Museum plans site plans   224ai08   b
17021302 IQ49 Institute of Contemporary Art Acropolis Q Museum Annex Analogous Building Cut & Paste Museum Circle Squared Museum Cubist ICM plans site plans   224ai09

19021301   Philadelphia IQ19 plan model working data   2093i85
19021302   Philadelphia IQ20 plan model working data   2093i86
19021303   Philadelphia IQ22 plan model working data   2093i87
19021304   Philadelphia IQ23 plan model working data   2093i88
19021305   Philadelphia IQ24 plan model working data   2093i89

21021301   lc1955 Maison Curutchet plan elevation   217ni09

Re: you want moldings?
Thanks for sending the jpeg. Neat stuff. The thing about the Muratori moldings, though, is that I don't think Venturi ever mentions his name or architecture anywhere in print. That doesn't mean that Venturi didn't know about this building, but there is no proof outside Venturi's admission himself that he did know the building. Then again, if the building was under construction or just new when Venturi was at the American Academy in Rome, then one can assume he did indeed see the building.

Saverio Muratori, Palazzo of the Christian Democratic Party, EUR, Rome, 1955- 58.

2014.02.13 21:55
13 February
"By that time I had begun to understand architecture, and we were ready to stage the first faculty occupation of the department. There had been earlier demonstrations all over Italy. In any case, the first was in 1958. It was deeply flawed, because our pretext for demonstrating was the introduction of the state exam for architects. We were a bit cynical, and we thought we needed to come up with arguments that would stir our ignorant colleagues to action, to stage something that would violently shake up the entire department.
The most important thing is that we were looking for pretexts, weak links in a chain, in order to effect disruption. We used to say that we had a little bit of the whole world concentrated within the department. But that whole world was conceived, as Antonio Cederna taught, as a protest against corrupt building practices from which emerged a political comprehension of the situation. All of us followed the trial of Salvatore Rebecchini/L'Espresso with tremendous anxiety, not least because it was our bible. And we found that we had in front of us at a certain point Saverio Muratori, a figure who taught fourth- and fifth-year design studios. He had just arrrived in Rome from Venice, and was a well known personality. Muratori was the architect of the Christian Democrat office at the EUR. He was someone unique, someone who had strong intellectual resonance, someone who could really think. He proposed a rather tragic vision of history, because for him the crisis began at least inthe 18th century. It seemed like one didn't need to think so much about [Hans] Sedlmayer, but rather about someone who had contemplated the crises in isolation and suffered considerably; suffered for the world. These crises seemed to be the crises of European science, of Husserl. Muratori, advocating an extreme reductive culture, was against everything that was modern. This is the point. He thought that true modernity meant that everything should start all over again. This was a facinating point of view.
We could not allow ourselves to think about these things because they were minor in relation to certain much larger problems. But Muratori was the person we wanted to confront because he was invulnerable. He refused to talk with us because his way of thinking only functioned if it remained closed to dialogue. At this point he realized that he was just another weak link, so we organized the operative concept of "libera d'insegnamento" [freedom of teaching]. And then there also had to be "freedom of learning.""
Manfredo Tafuri, "History as Project: An Interview with Manfredo Tafuri" (1992).




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