the Donau broke

2016.02.28 15:38
What is wrong with home designs?
Quoins are specifically stone, so the quoins in the image are imitation quoins (at best).
Gunston Hall has real quoins, I even measured them.

And I spent the better part of summer 1981 working in this room:

Back then it was all dark green, and no wall paper at all. And all the ornamental woodwork above the mantle and over the (closet) doors has been added since 1981.

Looks like there's historical fiction/lies in all kinds of places, even where they really shouldn't be.

2016.02.29 10:41
re: creativity and architecture

Here's the 'paintings' I've been doing along side architecture the last two weeks: 001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010
Plus I'm looking forward to further design development of Old School of New Thinking: 011
Examples of creativity as a means, but not necessarily as some sort of ends.




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