29 February

1784 birth of Leo von Klenze

1836 Sir Charles Barry's design for the new Houses of Parliament were accepted

changing x, y, and z scales
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Michelangelo's horizontal window
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more data on some Venturi houses
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topological office buildings - highrise blocks
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reenactionary notes
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re: creativity and architecture
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Darío Cobo Calvo   Condensador de paisajes en el antiguo parque móvil   Madrid

...to empty out Quondam completely, and, in its place, create something completely off the wall. My own obscure attitude will guide me, and there is no need to submit to any norms. I can make it all up and even be intentionally false and untrue in the information Quondam supplies. The whole museum as an enormous fiction.


16022901 Zany House 002 site plan 2200x1100 IQ64 District Q   2249i03
16022902 Silent Witnesses Zany House 001 House of Shadows Bye site plan 2200x1100 IQ64 District Q Campo Rovine   2248i05
16022903 Ury House Acropolis Q House in Laguna 002 Wacko House 002 Mayor's House ICA House Dominican Motherhouse site plan 2200x1100 IQ61   2266i20
16022904 Clay Workers Co-op site plan 2200x1100 IQ20   2243i11

16022901   Darío Cobo Calvo   Condensador de paisajes en el antiguo parque móvil   Madrid

20022901   Berrington Hall plan (elevation working data)   2112i02
20022902   Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen lobby perspective working data   2226i50




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