28 February

1573 birth of Elias Holl

1760 Robert Mylne was appointed architect of Blackfriars' Bridge in London
1788 birth of Petrus Jacobus Goetghebuer

1802 birth of Ernst Friedrich Zwirner

circle/square man in Villa Rotonda
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"Scale and Proportion"
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from smallest to largest
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Inspiration XV
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reenactionary notes
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Theory Part II - Doing What I Said I Would Do...
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The art of faking it
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Thread Central
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28 February
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28 February
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architectural otherness
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Dean Frederick Steiner leaves UT Austin for Penn Design due to new "campus carry" gun law
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What is wrong with home designs?
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OMA   Culture and Art Center   Qingdao City

reenactionary notes
1. human history as a reenactment of the human body.
2. the operation of the human imagination as a reenactment of corporal physiology and morphology.
3. Plato's dialogues as reenactments.
4. architecture as a reenactment of human imagination.
5. the Latin and Greek cross plans as reenactments of the original St. Peter's and the original martyrium at Golgotha.
6. a reverse reenactment of the promenade architecturale "buildings".
7. completion of the promenade architecturale documentation.
8. completion of "Stirling's Muses".
9. Maison Dom-ino reenacted.
10. "Inside the Density..."
11. Las Vegas as oasis reenacted--Villa d'Este.
12. metabolic architectures.
13. osmotic architectures.
14. extreme architectures.
15. fertile archtiectures.
16. pregnant architectures.
17. assimilating architectures.
18. electromagnetic architectures.
19. all frequency architectures.
20. Ludwig II of Bavaria.
21. Disney Land/World.
22. Acropolis reenactments.
23. cloning.
24. hypermural at the Altes Museum.
25. sacred and the profane (also Eliade's Myth and Reality).
26. Rossi's Modena Cemetery/Bustum Hadriani.
27. cardo and decumanus, Roman planning (urban military).
28. Washington DC/Versailles.
29. eros et thanatos.
30. reenactment of mistakes (Fasolo, Tafuri, Eisenman).
31. reenactment relative to mimesis.
32. Revelations as coporal reenactment.
33. City of God Against the Pagans
34. tomb of Augustus--the Great Stupa.
35. redrawing the Campo Marzio as reenactment.
36. philosophy of Collingwood (plus maybe Vico and Croce).
37. dies sanguinis--reenactment of my own birth.
38. Tacony Creek Park (environmental center).
39. theme parks (Huxtable, Sorkin, etc.).
40. Hadrian's Villa.
41. reenactment of the real within the virtual.
42. Benjamin Franklin Parkway--reenactments in Philadelphia (many).
43. circle/square junctures.
44. Kosovo.
45. VSBA reenactments (Princeton, Philadelphia).
46. Brother Metabolic--Holy Thursday.
47. Izmit earth quakes.
48. Olney's religiuos trilogy.
49. Simulacra and Simulation (Baudrillard)
50. Ottopia.
51. homo ludens.
52. MOVE as reenactment.
53. metaphor as reenactment (?).
54. dies sanguinis reenactment as performance art.
55. innuendo(?).
56. operative versus historical criticism as reenactment(?).
57. "I was doing Stella, frankly."
58. Imaginations, Zeitgeists and Architectures.

010228a Palais des Exposé model   2321i02   b
010228b Palais des Congrès level 4 axonometrics perspective   2198i11

020228a Mayor's House partial model   2269i03
020228b Acropolis Q site plan   2266i04
020228c Acropolis Q site plan   2266i05

2011.02.28 10:31
The art of faking it
l.t wrote:
'...and the idea was the relationship of the space which was made up of the fold of the image and the dialectic or the conflict between the figuration, and the kind of clarity of the image and the complexity of the space which were in dialog.'
Does anyone get this sentence? What's the idea? I'm not trying to dismiss Mayne or anything but sometimes man...what the heck is this guy talking about?
Lauf replies:
A case of over articulation leading to inarticulation. Perhaps the same could be said of the architecture.

2013.02.28 11:49
Thread Central
Still spot reading (indexed passages, whole chapters) The Autopoiesis of Architecture, both volumes, and beginning to wonder whether these books will prove to be highly influential in subtle ways that don't even relate specifically to parametrics. The books cover a large range of topics, all delivered in condensed form, and it is this condensification that I think manifests the high potential for longevity of influence.
Bilocation can be fun. Inspiring, even.
Durand Revisted Parametrically--sometime in the 21st century?

13022801 Haus der Kunst IQ11 model design development   2306i07   b

14022801 Pantheon Novel chapter plans IQ08 IQ11   206gi28
14022802 Pantheon Novel chapter extra plans IQ08 IQ11   243bi02
14022803 Pantheon Novel chapter Petronia Amnis development plans IQ08 IQ11   206gi29

15022801   OMA   Culture and Art Center   Qingdao City

16022801 Casa Collage 005 plan work image attached   225ei03

17022801 Pantheon Paradigm section 01 model work IQ19   243bi23   b
17022802 Working Title Museum 005 @ Pantheon Paradigm schematic model   2379i06
17022803 Working Title Museum 005 @ Pantheon Paradigm model work   2379i07

19022801   GAUA01 plans model work   2429i383
19022802   IQQ Philadelphia Versailles Palace/Park Mount Pleasant Whitemarsh Hall Chandigarh Capitl Complex plans IQ22 done   2468i39

2014.02.28 20:05
28 February
Outline of the Pantheon chapter of Novel Architecturale:   001   002   003   004



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