it was not uncommon to see mobile homes parked in front of old rural farm houses

2017.01.06 12:01
5 January
Was the intention of the original 'Pantheon' then to mark the spot of Romulus's ascension? Does the oculus represent the portal through which Romulus entered heaven?
These days the Pantheon is the church of Holy Mary of the Martyrs.

2017.01.08 12:02
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"Wherever the power of illusion is at its most intense, wherever the inversions, deceptions, and conflations occur, that is where the difficulties are likely to be most desperate beyond the borders of the illusion."
--Robin Evans

2017.01.10 19:18
Michael Rotondi Opens Up About the Faith Propelling His Life and Work
I have some ideas about how to design sacred space, and they have to do with making it osmotic and electromagnetic. Some of Kahn's best architecture is osmotic and electromagnetic.
2005.08.16 11:28

2017.01.10 21:55
10 January
"In evoking the figure of the angel floating out of the picture on the wall toward the viewer, Benjamin was following an old tradition of meditative picture-viewing, which has the figures in a picture come to life for the observer. In identifying with the figure, he was also behaving like the Chinese painter of whom he writes elsewhere, who leaves the space of reality to enter the imaginary space of his own picture and take his place as a figure in the painted landscape. These two notions complement one another. ... The angel's imaginary freedom of backward and forward movement, between the picture plane and the real space in front of it, denotes for him the existential freedom to move back and forth in time, where memory and expectation complement and fulfill one another."
--O. K. Werckmeister

2017.01.12 18:27
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"I'm not saying they are a threat right now..."
Wake up!
They're already doing damage!
Lot's of tone-deafness going on.

2017.01.12 18:46
The White Flight from American Democracy
If "Architects have the possibility to offer to society a better life," then you shouldn't have to ask, " what are the tools and/or content that architects need to address these issues?" If the "possibility" actually existed, then the "tools and/or content" would be fairly self-evident.

2017.01.27 15:40
Steven Holl designs a pair of white concrete buildings for a new Cultural and Health Center in Shanghai
Wow! Almost exactly four years ago:
2013.01.21 12:07
I can't tell

Is this 1999 Deterritorialized Baroque via Deconstructivism?
Or 1999 Reterritorialized Deconstructivism via the Baroque?

Steven Holl, Tianjin Ecocity Ecology and Planning Museums, 2013

Stephen Lauf, Old School of New Thinking, scheme 1, 2007.09.22

Stephen Lauf, Old School of New Thinking, scheme 3, 2007.09.22
Yes Virginia, the Pre-Raphaelites came after Raphael.
But what comes before Pre-Shrine?
Museumpeace, of course.

Quondam, Yin/Yang Compare/Contrast Museum/Pre-Shrine, 2013.01.21

...maybe even a floor plan.

2017.01.31 18:32
Steven Holl designs a pair of white concrete buildings for a new Cultural and Health Center in Shanghai
I still have fond memories of the Clitoporticus meet-up. Remember how half the people went to the Bustum Clitoporticus instead of the X-Marks-The-Spot Clitoporticus? I'm pretty sure they used the wrong drugs that night.
the building elevation I'm currently working on
just for the hell of it

2017.02.09 14:54
Perfectionists versus contractors: the details of building the Apple Campus
working title: [learning from] Fuzzy to Fussy




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