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1337 death of Giotto di Bondone

1570 death of Philibert de l'Orme
1570 Bullant succeeded Philibert de l'Orme as architect of the Tuileries

1705 birth of Jacques François Blondel

Charles Bulfinch succeeded B. H. Latrobe as architect of the Capitol in Washington D.C.
1892 death of Pierre Chabat

Porticus Neronianae - crucifixion of St. Peter
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Stirling Muses
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a virtual museum of [disinformation] architecture?
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Re: Tampa, Florida
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BIG   New School Arlington

2000.01.08 13:48
a virtual museum of [disinformation] architecture?
John Young wrote:
Imaginary architecture, Escher, Piranesi, Heaven, Hell, visionary, virtual, has always mesmerized, inspired, perhaps terrified, for being beyond what is accompishable.
To be sure most architecture begins as imaginary and then it's all down hill from there as other brutally realistic forces have their way. Until ruins once again induce fantastic possibilities.
I especially admire Steve's fictional conference........
Steve Lauf continues:
Before going INSIDE DENSITY and while INSIDE DENSITY, the back of my mind was occupied with "what could a virtual museum of architecture be that a real museum of architecture could [or would] never be?"
www.quondam.com presently comprises over 80 megabytes of data in the form of texts and images. As 'director' of Quondam, I'm hesitantly contemplating the (online) deletion of all the data in one keystroke. Seems drastic, but dia(meta)bolically desirable(!) -- kind of like pushing that big red button somewhere in Washington D.C., or where ever red buttons are.
Tabula Rasa is too easy, however. I prefer palimpsest, instead--erasure and then overwriting/overrighting. Of course, replacement would be necessary and necessary in quick order (...don't want those rising web stats to suddenly evaporate).
So what can a virtual museum of architecture be that a real museum of architecture can not be?
I'm at the point where the dissemination of disinformation appears the most appealing. I'm imagining a museum of architecture that curates and displays an 'un-real' history of architecture, you know, among OTHER things, all those buildings Le Corbusier designed since 27 August 1965, and likewise the dies sanquinis urbanism of lights-camera-Africa in 2056 AD which is covertly inspired by the OTTO-man architecture of pre-Christ South America, and don't forget the equinoctial architecture along the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Yes, www.quondam.com may well soon be a 'new and improved' virtual museum of [unscientific fiction] architecture, written and delineated in palimpsest (so the faded 'truth' is nonetheless incompletely 'not there').
I'm becoming more and more convinced that a virtual museum of architecture misses its full virtuality unless it 'calendrically incarnates' other zeitgeists + [or minus] architectures.

2002.01.08 13:51
Re: Tampa, Florida
I'm glad that you at least admit your resistance to the notion of reenactment, but linking reenactment with predestination is something that you should be more analytical of. I certainly don't recall ever referring to reenactment as something related to predestination, but I will consider it.
Reenactment comprises patterns of behavior, particularly repetitive patterns of behavior, but in no way does reenactment enforce or restrict options to some specific patterns of behavior only. In this sense, reenactment does not have the same power as DNA. As science tells us more and more each day, DNA is indeed minutely packaged predestination, but DNA is not really reenactment until it is cloned. [And the notion of "designer DNA" becomes kind of perverse in that it is free-willed reenactment based on altered predestination. Or something like that!]
Of course, it may turn out that our own DNA is actually all about reenactment, and always has been, but even then DNA does not hold complete and utter control of everything. Or does it?
The mention of "manhood rituals" doesn't especially help your case in resisting reenactment. Are not rituals almost always, if not always only reenactments of something done before? I don't like putting this way, but your going out to "luxuriate by himself high on a mountainside in forbidden territory" appears to be reenacting a somewhat widespread 'dream' of perfect design. [Or maybe you like the idea of being a hermit, but not necessarily the full reality of being a hermit. Again, there are lots of other people that feel that way too, e.g., yours truly.]
I certainly hope that you do learn/relearn things through your surreptitious activities, otherwise, what was the point?

2002.01.08 16:05
Re: trek trash?
it is necessary to correct your mistake regarding Diana's funeral, which was indeed "exactly" a reenactment of ancient Rome's Triumphal Way. The 1997 funeral followed step by step the same process that occurred almost 400 times in Rome during its days of empire.
There is a very thorough essay on the Triumphal Way by John Plattus which describes the whole process of Roman Triumph. You can also read an eyewitness account of the Triumph of Titus by Josephus. What I saw via TV on 6 September 1997 was exactly the same thing in every detail that Plattus researched and what Josephus saw.
It is also worth noting that in the times after the Roman Empire, the ritual of the Triumphal Way was 'transformed' into a ritual of burial. What is significant of Diana's funeral is that the entire ritual, meaning every ancient detail, was reenacted. It is because of Diana's funeral that 21st century humanity no longer has to speculate or imagine what Roman Triumphs were actually really like. A whole new population of Triumphal Way eyewitnesses is now in existence.

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