6 January

1556 birth of Baldassare Peruzzi

1716 Nicholas Hawksmoor was appointed surveyor to the committee in charge of the construction of churches in the city of London

1847 birth of Paul Blondel

novel analysis
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Re: Freedom Wind turbines Buddhist prayers now
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A Quondam Banquet of Virtual Sachlichkeit: Part II
2006.01.06     2006

Ury, now quondam, exactly 200 years ago
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5 January
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Please help identify the architectural style of my house.
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Delightfully Absurd Architectural Drawings
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30 December
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5 January
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Steven Holl   New Doctorate’s Building

Steven Holl   New Doctorate’s Building

010106a rems models   3392gi01
010106b rems perspectives   231ai01
010106c rems models   231ai02
010106d rems perspectives   231ai03

040106a Philadelphia ICM   3392ji01
040106b Philadelphia ICM   2342i01
040106c Haus der Kunst Horti Luciliani Acropolis Q plans   2306i03

2012.01.06 09:33
Ury, now quondam, exactly 200 years ago
2012.01.05 Thursday
Finsihed chapter 3 of Whispering City: Rome and its Histories. Called Pat and we're tentatively set for Saturday, the 21st. Scan/dxf of Basilica Marcellus & Peter, Circus of Maxentius, Circus Varianus/Santa Croce, Basilica at Santa Costanza, Basilica of St. Laurence, Basilica of St. Sebastian. So far just seeing the plans at the same scale relative to each other and relative to plans of other 4th century/Constantinian buildings has made the effort worthwhile. Stopped at the mailbox before heading to Rosa. As George got out of the Jeep to deposit the letter, I turned to my left to look at where Ury House once was. There's absolutely nothing there now to relate to regarding Miers Fisher, but I nonetheless tried to concentrate on the fact that exactly 200 years ago Miers was right there with sore eyes, probably didn't go out of the house all day (except to check the temperature and wind), and passed the time reading letters and newspapers. At night I (re)read "The Iconography of the Emperor Maxentius' Buildings in Via Appia." Again, there seems to be no knowledge of the Circus of Hadrian (at Rome).

2013.01.06 17:39
Please help identify the architectural style of my house.
I want you to forget everything I've said, everything everyone else has said, and even Arts & Crafts, and consider going in a whole new direction. I present to you the (ultra-new) "Stately, but oh what a state" style.

Reproduce this image down to every detail and there's no question your house will be widely published and a future much used movie and television set!
Kidding aside, this image was taken today in 1917.
Now seriously, we should do this someday--your money, of course. Or, if you ever want to return a favor, you can buy one of my books--just follow the link above for Sachlichkeit.

2014.01.06 21:48
In terms of set-piece or process, I'd say multiple choice as in:
column A
column B
column C

2014.01.06 22:04
Delightfully Absurd Architectural Drawings
"In the future, everything will be an advertisement."
--Rite Novel, 2002
"I am an advertisement, therefore I am."
--Quondam, 2014.01.06

15010601 Ury map/plan   2090i37
15010602 Grid Section 1/NNTC map/plans   2413i21b
15010603 new Campo Rovive Parkway /NNTC crop plans   2413i22

15010601   Steven Holl   New Doctorate’s Building

17010601   Museum of Knowledge model work   2185i16

18010601   smallest plans 10x10x10 Cube Ury House Arbor Street House Maison Dom-ino Maison du Peintre Ozenfant Tempietto Porta Pia Mount Pleasant Schröder House Ridgeway House Vanna Venturi House Glass House Villa Baizeau Frug House 2 Single House Weissenhof Princeton Memorial Park Tower Eclectic House House VI Venue Frug House 1 Francisville Housing Unit Eames House and Studio Gallery B Fisher House Farnsworth House Gooding House Composition Three Wall House 2 Maison de l'Homme   2232i04

20010601   iiq07 model work   2392i164




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