30 June

1544 John of Padua is mentioned in a grant of Henry VIII

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Latin language question
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Re: Latin language question
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architectural otherness
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Modern Trajectory
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Re: Helen and the True Cross
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Lunch Time Adventures
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the Miller House (should be more famous)
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Can you say canonical?
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Open Call for Submissions: "Domesticity"
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Was Lebbeus Woods an 'Architect'? (According to NCARB and His State Board)
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What music are you listening to?
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Steven Holl   Future Campus UCD   Dublin

2004.06.30 22:55
Modern Trajectory
Perhaps it's the line from Gordon Matta-Clark to Frank Gehry that should be more recognized.

2008.06.30 15:24
the miller house (should be more famous)
"Ah, Detailotheca, the nimiety of detail museum."
"If only all architecture were so self-evident."
"I know. It never really was a house, was it?"
"True, but it's actually two museums."
"Ah yes, the Reenactment of Late Le Corbusier Style Museum as well."

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18063001   Steven Holl   Future Campus UCD   Dublin

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