architectural otherness

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Mayor's House


Stephen Lauf, Battery Park City (pencil on yellow trace paper, 1986.10.06), schematic site plan.

1998.05.26 23:12
Re: Cyberspace and Architecture
An additional way to look at the "architecture" of cyberspace is as a kind of parallel existence to the real world.

1998.08.02 12:55
Re: Nightline Nurb
Actually, I was at a crab cookout last night and one of my friends (a non-architect) said she saw some architects on TV saying how tremendously unfortunate it is that not only is America now so ugly, but, even worse, the average American doesn't even know that it is all ugly out there. References were made to strip malls and the like.
Just off the cuff, I would say that the packaged "beauty" of someplace like Seaside, FL is an unfortunate panacea.
I think my next design will be a gated community of messy vitality--a place where, for example, all the gas stations double as palaces, most of the houses are under huge modern canopies (a la Corbu's Weber Pavilion/today's American gas stations), and the whole population of the place is ugly and ordinary.
Thank God the twentieth century is now over!




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