architectural otherness

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2006.03.18 11:11
"Breaking The Japanese Grid"
Adso, you say:
"I tried to dissuade students of the notion that program was a list of functions and square footages by getting them to think of program elements as verbs instead of nouns- a place for sleeping instead of merely a bedroom."
A place for sleeping and a bedroom don't really sound all that different to me because it's still just applying a function to a space.
[It seems] the point of Japanese architecture of the 16th century is that one could well choose to sleep in the moon viewing room or choose to sleep in the breeze catching room, or choose to sleep in the fragrant room etc. The same would go for eating, reading, (cooking?), etc.
And if all the sliding wall panels doubled as flat screen monitors, then you could watch TV anywhere too.
I wonder what verb best describes this type of thinking.

2006.04.01 11:30
Why does much 'avant-garde' design these days look straight out of the Sixties?
I like the question, "What would radical be exactly?" because it's kind of indicative of how rare radicalism in architecture really is...
2. Departing markedly from the usual or customary; extreme
3. Favoring or effecting fundamental or revolutionary changes in current practices, conditions, or institutions

2006.04.02 10:26
Why does much 'avant-garde' design these days look straight out of the Sixties?
I more like the notion of being bad in architecture. Talk about voids and opportunities.


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