Le Corbusier

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2015.07.28 12:42
Art college professor suggests makeover for brutalist Boston City Hall
Not surprisingly, the inspiration was not followed through to the full extent.
Or maybe it more or less was.

I'd rework it along these lines (of color).

2015.09.26 13:48
In the future, everything will be a museum.
More along the lines of a building itself as a museum...
2008.06.30 15:24
the Miller House (should be more famous)
"Ah, Detailotheca, the nimiety of detail museum."
"If only all architecture were so self-evident."
"I know. It never really was a house, was it?"
"True, but it's actually two museums."
"Ah yes, the Reenactment of Late Le Corbusier Style Museum as well."

More of Samuel Ludwig's images here.

2015.09.26 14:03
In the future, everything will be a museum.
Just noticed a(n obvious) resemblance...

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