28 July

326 burial of Helena Augusta

1548 will of Antonio Abbondi

1842 death of John Sell Cotman

Palais des Congrès documentation
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subtext reënactment, etc.
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1998.07.28     e2611 e2799 3728b

Encyclopedia Ichnographica - a tale of two cities
1998.07.28     5398g

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content for Ottopia
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architectural representation. drawing. diagrams. etc...
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Art college professor suggests makeover for brutalist Boston City Hall
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Borges once claimed...
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Quondam's 20th anniversary
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OMA   E’con   Eindhoven

2009.07.28 11:48
architectural representation. drawing. diagrams. etc...
Gehry's sketches is a very evocative nomination.

13072801 Acadia National Park Headquarters Building contour model   2204i08

16072801 IQ30 full plan   3392vv06
16072802 IQ32 Plan Obus image attached   3392vv07
16072803 IQ33 full plan   3392vv08
16072804 IQ26 Mount Pleasant Acadia National Park Headquarters Building plans Fairmount Park image attached   3392vv01
16072805 IQ27 Philadelphia street grid plans   3392vv02
16072806 IQ28 Philadelphia street grid plans   3392vv03
16072807 IQ28 Germantown Avenue University of Architecture NPApraksin District DTM Zone plans   3392vv04
16072808 IQ29 full plan   3392vv05

17072801   OMA   E’con   Eindhoven

18072801 Working Title Museum working model   2324i24
18072802 circle/square man zones of imagination   247ai03

19072801 ICM plus ultra Parc de la Villette Judge Harry Pregerson Interchange Netherlands Architecture Institute Villa dall'Ava Villa Geerlings Maison à Bordeaux Netherlands Embassy Y2K House Seattle Central Library Flick House I NATO HQ CCTV Casa da Musica Apraksin Dvor iq19 plans   2467i21
19072802 ICM plus ultra iq19 working plans   2110i158

20072801   iqq15 model work west of Tiber Berlin Philadelphia   2468i103
20072802   Dresdner Bank @ iqq15 model working data   223ci24
20072803   Analogous Building @ iqq15 model working data   2287i16




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