museum of architecture, virtual

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2008.07.14 08:06
bored with modern & contemporary, yet?
gemmating decorated shed/skeleton of paradigm shift: infringement complex II

2008.07.24 10:03
Iconography, or the problem of representation

"Additionally, there is an exhibit of three Calder sculptures within the forecourt of the Rodin Museum. I found myself really admiring all these sculptures because I now see a 'real' virtual architecture in them."
So maybe there really is a Calder Museum of Virtual Architecture.

Alexander Calder   Funghi Neri   1957

Alexander Calder   Discontinuous   1962

Alexander Calder   Polygons on Triangles   1963

Alexander Calder   The Rocket   1964

Alexander Calder   Dent de Sagesse   1964

Alexander Calder   The Tall One   1968

Alexander Calder   Angulaire   1975

Alexander Calder   Untitled (Triangles)   1972

Alexander Calder   The Pagoda   1963

Alexander Calder   Three Discs, One Lacking   1968



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