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2014.08.22 10:59
Screen/Print #21: Log 31, "New Ancients"

Does "What Kinds of Copies?" give any credit to Quondam's HQ of DATA as first featured here at archinect/forum within "The Official Paradigm Shift Thread" mid-May 2008?
as of 2008.05.05

Department of Architectural Theory Annexation (in less than 40 kb) "Hey, do you mind taking a picture of me in front of a paradigm shift on top of a paradigm shift."

2014.08.23 09:44
22 August
I might be getting Log 31 in the mail today. I ordered it at amazon almost two months ago, but for some reason they weren't able to restock it until recently. Thanks for the gesture anyway. Of course, the "focus on contemporary practitioners working openly with history" is of automatic interest to me--Quondam, as a virtual museum of architecture, is by default a contemporary 'practice' openly working with history. But, as Quondam (and its collection) developed, the notion of virtualizing an 'other' history of architecture also developed, and HQ of DATA (above) is a prime example of that. (Plus, there is the ongoing exploitation of the quickness and ease with which architectural graphic data can be manipulated via CAD--in the above case a 'to scale 'photo montage' in 3D'.) I just thought of another notion that might 'explain' some of the workings at Quondam: playing with history at the same scale.
Analogous Building, 1993:

Parthenon columns at Villa Stein de Monzie, 1993:

Broken Temple, 1993:

2014.08.26 21:28
26 August



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