24 July

1692 death of Michael Matthias Smids

1805 birth of Johann Heinrich Strack
1822 birth of Maurice Augustin Gabriel Ouradou
1873 death of Georg Friedrich Ziebland

The Timepiece of Humanity
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(calendrically coincidental) 25 July
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Re: news from [Old] York
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men thread
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Iconography, or the problem of representation
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atypical and appositions
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Thread Central
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The Philadelphia School, deterritorialized
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24 July
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changing history
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tropological space
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OMA   BC Design Sport and Sciences Building   Brighton

06072401 recombinant architectures planss   2287i05

07072401 Domestic Museum model   3713i05


2008.07.24 10:03
Iconography, or the problem of representation

"Additionally, there is an exhibit of three Calder sculptures within the forecourt of the Rodin Museum. I found myself really admiring all these sculptures because I now see a 'real' virtual architecture in them."
-- 2002.11.20
So maybe there really is a Calder Museum of Virtual Architecture.

09072401 ICM sections 15-18/B-D scan plans registered with IQ database in inches   2419i25

11072401 Chandigarh Capital Complex site plan scans   2175i07
11072402 Palace of Assembly plans section elevation reduced .989   2401i12

15072401   OMA   BC Design Sport and Sciences Building   Brighton

16072401 IQ55/02 Karastan Palace of Versailles Ottopia plans   6455i03
16072402 IQ55/03 Ottopia Infringement Complex UNEP Headquarters plans   6455i04
16072403 IQ55/04 Ottopia UNEP Headquarters Great Pyramid 2 Ludi Museum grid blocks plans   6455i05
16072404 IQ55/05 Karastan North Neighborhood Master Plan plans   6455i06

18072401 Palace/Park of Versailles Gallaratese Housing Block Parc de la Villette plans   224ji02
18072402 Parc de la Villette NNTC IQ63 plans   224ji03
18072403 Pantheon Paradigm sector 7 plans model work   243bi36

19072401 ICM iq15 original orientation plans   2110i156
19072402 ICM iq19 original orientation plans   2110i157
19072403 Parc de la Villette Netherlands Architecture Institute Villa dall'Ava Villa Geerlings Maison Bordeaux Netherlands Embassy Y2K House Seattle Central Library Flick House I NATO HQ CCTV Casa da Musica Apraksin Dvor @ ICM iq19 plans   224ji15
19072404 GAUA18192223 Capital Park West CCTV NNTC World Trade Center axonometric   2429i384

21072401   Johnson Estate site plan contour lines   2171i14




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