22 August

1764 birth of Charles Percier

1802 birth of Charles Félix Marie Texier

Redrawing History - accuracy research
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Campo Marzio
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Homo Ludens
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(new) Quondam: a "playground"
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Working Title Museum 002
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Working Title Museum 003
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"dead wrong" annexed
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Thesis Topics
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"...a shift into spontaneous mode,
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Name that Architect and Building!!!
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If it ain't Baroque, don't fix it.
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Peter's canon
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22 August
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Lego House in Billund, Denmark, begins construction by laying giant Lego brick–shaped foundation stones
2014.08.22 09:09

Architects can now be held liable for building defects, rules California Supreme Court
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Screen/Print #21: Log 31, "New Ancients"
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22 August
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We're suckers for any architecture that looks like us
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Thread Central
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The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
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Leth & Gori   Roof House   Fredensborg

OMA   BLOX   Copenhagen

Quondam: a "playground"
...Quondam should henceforth be something that a real museum is not or cannot be. There is a long footnote re: muse in Homo Ludens that is very inspiring as to what a virtual museum could be.

00082201.db Working Title Museum 002 model   2324i01   b   c   d
00082202.db Working Title Museum 003 model   2325i01   b   c

2008.08.22 22:05
peter's canon
Just did a side by side chronological overview of the work of Gehry and Eisenman, and in terms of architectonic, geometrical experimentation, Gehry manifests a greater and more mature repertoire.
Eisenman goes through a lot of intellectual and theoretical rigor to ultimately arrive at his geometry, but Gehry simply demonstrates that the intellectual and theoretical rigor isn't even necessary when it come to unprecedented architectonic geometries.
The only reason Eisenman's approach gets respect is because it fits well into 'higher' education. To have students pay large amounts of money to then learn that, "Hey, just look at Gehry, you can design pretty much anyway you want these days." just wouldn't go over well.

09082201 ICM Porta Septimiana   2110i66

12082201 Mikveh PMP axonometrics perspectives   2346i03

2014.08.22 09:09
Lego House in Billund, Denmark, begins construction by laying giant Lego brick–shaped foundation stones
The building is neither sculptural nor a folly.
1. the art or practice of shaping figures or designs in the round or in relief, as by chiseling marble, modeling clay, or casting in metal
1. unreason: thoughtlessness, recklessness, or thoughtless or reckless behavior
2. irrational thing: a thoughtless or reckless act or idea
3. eccentric building: a building of eccentric or overelaborate design, usually built for decorative rather than practical purposes
The building is a museum and, like LEGOs themselves, architectonic.
1. of architecture or architectural qualities: relating to architecture or the qualities such as design and structure that architecture requires

2014.08.22 10:05
Architects can now be held liable for building defects, rules California Supreme Court
"Oh, that's not my architect. That's my legal loop-hole. And the cheapest legal loop-hole at that. Worth every penny, literally."

2014.08.22 10:59
Screen/Print #21: Log 31, "New Ancients"

Does "What Kinds of Copies?" give any credit to Quondam's HQ of DATA as first featured here at archinect/forum within "The Official Paradigm Shift Thread" mid-May 2008?
as of 2008.05.05

Department of Architectural Theory Annexation (in less than 40 kb) "Hey, do you mind taking a picture of me in front of a paradigm shift on top of a paradigm shift."

2014.08.22 21:03
22 August


The Venturi building most inspired by Kahn put into the actual building by Kahn that inspired Venturi.

15082201   Leth & Gori   Roof House   Fredensborg

18082201 Plan für Gross-Berlin plan image International Planning Competition for Berlin plan work image   216ji01
18082202 City Tower section plan plaza plan work image   217di03

18082201   OMA   BLOX   Copenhagen

19082201 Atheneum section   2231i11

21082201   Giovannetti House site plan plan elevation section working data   2241i03
21082202   International Center for Possibility Thinking site plan plans sections elevations working data   229ii02




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