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2005.12.09 15:17
2006 Pritzker Prize
die Projekten

2005.12.11 18:00
Check this firm out

Ach, das Jugendstil heute!?

Entwürfe für die Schneckenhäuser von Schlittenfahrt

Mein Architekten

2005.12.16 13:18
Time for more Fights: DI Rankings 2006
Mein Architekten

2006.01.29 17:50
the environmental tipping point?
After reading the article this morning, I thought that what the Bush administration is doing is really not all the different in what architectural academia sometimes does, that is, disregard knowledge that they can't control, especially knowledge that sometimes shows architectural academia at fault. Thank God for the Internet and self-publishing, right?
Gosh, I even sometimes see that same type of behavior within architectural discussion boards. Go figure.

2006.02.19 14:42
Iconography, or the problem of representation
Bad Hair Day Architecture

Yeah, reality bites.

Venus Fly Trap Architecture

Gosh, reality really bites.
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