9 December

1404 Jehan Bourgeois was made maître général of the ducal constructions of Dijon

1507 Giuliano da San Gallo chosen Capomæstro (chief architect) of the Duomo, Florence

"Philadelphia's Best Buildings"   4004g   h   i   j   k   l   m   n   o

promenade architecturale
1997.12.09     2195 2216

Laurel Hill Cemetery Gatehouse     1836 3998r
Laurel Hill Cemetery     3998r
Mount Pleasant     1761 3998r

quick response, good trip
1999.12.09 11:06     3784e 3811l 4401b 4710b

Ryerss Mansion     1859 1920

Re: Plato's Cave
2001.12.09 11:05     3300q 3767b 3770f

2001.12.09 11:05     5319f

unreal phone call about a virtual house
2002.12.09 10:45     3120m

Re: Sentimental Journey
2002.12.09 13:27     3300q 5140b 5014
2002.12.09 17:41     3300q 3716f 3727b 3784g 4401c 5001 5007

2004.12.09 08:47     2141

Check this firm out
2005.12.09 16:13     3336r 3749i 3770l

2006 Pritzker Prize
2005.12.09 15:17     3749j 3770l

Not experimental self promoting   unbuildable crap... mp6383
Just curious to see how...   mp6384
And y'all just wait...   mp6385
sigurd lewerentz, and asplund have...   mp6386
i just looked up robert stern...   mp6387
If it isn't remotely buildable...   mp6388
Of course architecture should continue...   mp6389
ditch it   mp6390
you asked and you got   mp6391
quotable quotes 1   mp6392
quotable quotes 2   mp6393
pass the butter   mp6394
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architectural otherness
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"On Criticism" an aggregate thread
2010.12.09 09:57     3331v

9 December
2013.12.09 21:49     3306g

Architecture in the age of photoshop
2015.12.09 10:20     3313h
2015.12.09 13:24     3313h
2015.12.09 18:42     3313h

9 December
2016.12.09 09:58     3314v

DJarquitectura   Guggenheim Museum   Helsinki

Lacaton & Vassal   Royal College of Art   London

2013.12.09 21:49
9 December

Master planning step one: laying wall-to-wall carpet.

13120901 30th Street Station Railyard studies Roman Forum (scans) plans   206hi04
13120902 30th Street Station Railyard studies opaque cut-out   2431i03
13120903 30th Street Station Railyard studies IQ4 IQ7 UNEP Headquarters La Villette Housing Urban Components working data masterplans     2431i04   b   ly21   ly30-4   ly41   ly101   ly103   ly104
13120904 30th Street Station Railyard studies Le Composites working data   2431i05   ly105   ly106-9
13120905 30th Street Station Railyard studies IQ4 IQ7 UNEP Headquarters La Villette Housing Urban Components Le Composites ICM mirror-copies masterplan   2431i06   ly102   ly103   ly104   ly105   ly106-9   ly110-13

14120901   DJarquitectura   Guggenheim Museum   Helsinki

15120901   Eventual Cities IQ NEPhiladelphia   2447i02   b
15120902   IQ grid bands 2200 wide NEPhiladelphia   2392i101

16120901   Lacaton & Vassal   Royal College of Art   London

17120901 Glass Pavilion plans section elevation   2148i01
17120902 Bauhaus plans section elevations   2149i01

19120901 iiq12 base plans   2392i144
19120902 iiq01 base plan model   2392i145
19120903 iiq02 base plan model   2392i146
19120904 iiq02 base plans   2392i147




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