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2007.06.24 18:55
Everyday Urbanism - Design and/or Default
One of my favorite everyday urban places was actually mostly the inside of my car?

2007.07.11 16:45
Verb: Featured Discussion
Is it all still pretty much operative criticism?
Perhaps architectural criticism needs to begin operating differently where:
some criticisms are extreme™
some criticisms are fertile™
some criticisms are pregnant™
some criticisms are assimilating™
some criticisms are metabolic™
some criticisms are osmotic™
some criticisms are electro-magnetic™
some criticisms are total frequency™
But maybe that will only happen when (we begin to realize that):
some architectures are extreme™
some architectures are fertile™
some architectures are pregnant™
some architectures are assimilating™
some architectures are metabolic™
some architectures are osmotic™
some architectures are electro-magnetic™
some architectures are total frequency™

2007.07.11 17:52
Verb: Featured Discussion
C(riticism) = m(ainstream)Ad(vertising)²

2007.07.11 17:03
Fungi to the rescue again

Fungi to the rescue again.

2007.07.31 11:36
Learning from Las Vegas + SMLXL = Dubai

flip up

flip down

2007.07.31 17:55
Necessary architecture books
Not just reading other things, how about writing other things too? Architectural literature could be so much more creative.

2007.08.04 14:41
Koolhaas & Eisenman Discuss "Urgency" at the CCA
About 180 more years of an architecture dominated by the combined assimilating and metabolic imaginations, and then roughly 500 years of an architecture dominated by a pure metabolic imagination. All the while the profane osmotic imagination remains in the background. So much for the physiology, morphologically a bi-polar structural network will continue to branch and grow (till completion c. 3091).

2007.08.04 17:32
Koolhaas & Eisenman Discuss "Urgency" at the CCA
I thought the point was Archaeologies of the Future.
'Opaque' perhaps, but never without clues. The way I see it Koolhaas's architecture becomes him while Eisenman becomes his architecture. [Vanbrugh is at the top of the list if that helps.]
"Pejorativity" is an important chapter in The Irrelevancy Style of Architecture.
My tendencies are more coincidental than anything else.

2007.08.08 11:20
spreading like a virus...(discuss)
No one has yet mentioned the overwhelming desire for newness (parsed with a moderate-to-strong dislike/distrust of things old) which plays a key role in most of modern societies' choices. Sprawl offers that newness. Even small cities have to make themselves "new" to become attractive again.

2007.08.08 12:03
spreading like a virus...(discuss)
[googled "redesigning newness" and received no results]
Redesigning Newness: Architecture's Search for an Answer to Sprawl

2007.08.19 11:19
Why do you think you're creative?
...the notion of being creative in the hope of making things better may just as easily mean being creative due to discontent.

2007.08.19 13:54
the future
"In the future everything will be a reenactment (in cyberspace)?"

2007.08.20 18:03
thesis... phenomenology
Is there any proof that "we can't inhabit it--outlandish, novel architecture--in a meaningful way"?

2007.08.20 21:27
thesis... phenomenology
Where is the proof "that architects write theories then build buildings in relation to the text, and then act as if the building is a proof of their ideas"?

2007.08.20 22:33
thesis... phenomenology
Did Le Corbusier and Venturi "act as if their building is a proof of their ideas?"
I'd say they practiced their theories, but they didn't necessarily set out to prove their theories. Also, Le Corbusier and Venturi mostly presented their theories together with a presentation of their built and unbuilt work.

2007.08.21 11:27
"...a shift into spontaneous mode,
Instinct is not the same thing as reason. To start with, instinct is much quicker.

2007.08.21 12:22
"...a shift into spontaneous mode,
Marketing an architectural firm and designing to generate publicity are not the same thing

2007.08.21 12:03
thesis... phenomenology
Le Corbusier's five points actually matured along with his oeuvre, and the promenade architecturale formula is often [executed] within the buildings as well. In many ways, Holl's work comprises an adroit riff off Ronchamp, Maison Jaoul and Cap Martin.

Old School of New Thinking

2007.10.03 15:23
Looking for a Lebbeus Woods drawing ...
I don't doubt that Woods is a nice person, but architecturally I find the work old-fashioned, futuristic in a late-nineteenth century kind of way (like Dubai is futuristic in a mid-twentieth century kind of way). The angst-ridden designs remain frozen in artificiality due primarily to a virtually complete lack of human investment.

2007.10.04 13:13
Apocalyptic Urbanism
How much of New York City 1807 still exists today? How much of New York City 2007 will still exist in 2207?

2007.10.04 16:18
Apocalyptic Urbanism
Catastrophic urbanism might be a better term, and indeed New Orleans during and post hurricane Katrina provides an ample textbook on the subject. Pockets of civilization may well succumb to catatrophes, but the rest of civilization does just go on. At least that's the situation now, and probably for some time to come. Even the Great Tsunami 2004 had widespread effect, but still on only a small portion of civilization at large.
It's probably more worthwhile to contemplate catastrophic urbanism than to conjecture apocalyptic urbanism.

2007.10.11 11:17
Tramps like Theo Jansen
The reenactionary aspects of the process/work--"emulate natural selection"--are expertly represented. Is terrestrial locomotion really then a 'trickle-down effect' of increasingly larger global and cosmic motions? Is life itself some almost inexplicably autonomous interface/machine between terrestrial and cosmic forces (initiated by a big bang)?
Makes me wonder how one might go about designing a 'beast' that interfaces the act of visual perception.
Are Sand Beasts like a well crafted publicity machine? Produce a work and then get some publicity wind behind it and watch it go (on forever?).
"So what does it do?"
"Why it generates publicity, of course!"

2007.10.26 16:26
Collage Architecture
It's interesting how Robert Venturi's collage perspective of the National Collegiate Football Hall of Fame (1967)

predates Archigram's Instant City (1968) by one year.
One could say that Venturi's collage is an updated POP...

...version of the earlier collages by Mies van der Rohe.




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