new not there city

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superimposed plans     Ichnographia Campus Martius     Benjamin Franklin Parkway     98052901
The superimposed plans of the Ichnographia Campus Martius and the Benjamin Franklin Parkway is not the site plan of Not There, but it is a precedent.

Collage City...taken literally, 1998.
Using the 3-dimentional computer model in Quondam's collection of Center City Philadelphia, it becomes possible to literally collage a city. By simply moving and rotating sections of the city to different locations and in different orientations, a whole now type of city emerges, albeit a very unlikely city that nonetheless resembles contemporary architecture in its presently most extreme manifestations. Furthermore, this collage of architectural computer data signifies just how easy it is to manipulate digital data, and thus open a vast window in terms of architectural design, both real and virtual.
seeking precedents... ...finding inspiration

Durand plans and New Not There City
I've decided to start placing the to-scale-yet-still-raw Durand plans into "position" within New Not There City [originally IQ], and the new line work will follow from there. The point being to use the data right away creatively. The first things to learn are scale comparisons (like Versailles is turning out to be not so super big, more just extensive). Anyway, with all the more plans, New Not There City [originally IQ] will become much more interesting.

2009.03.17 17:10
Making it/Thinking Architectural
Architectural history flattened.

Architectural history reduced to a few lines.



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