MVRDV build a new bank headquarter!
2009.09.21 11:22
MVRDV build a new bank headquarter!
The earliest example that I know of...

OMA, Ideal Vertical Campus, Tokyo, 2004.
"It was important for us, therefore, that the energy and life found in the typical campus was driven by the possibility of creating a different configuration for every floor. The interactivity of the typical sprawling campus is achieved through these configurations...

2009.09.21 11:42
MVRDV build a new bank headquarter!
...or captive slaves...

2009.09.21 13:56
MVRDV build a new bank headquarter!
Has voxelation been used within the architectural lexicon before now?

2009.09.21 21:21
MVRDV build a new bank headquarter!
the similarities of the pictures really speak for themselves...

Voxelation actually does seem to be the right word to describe the formal properties of the architecture in question.

Yesterday, voxelation entered the architectural lexicon in a definitive way. ...make a proper presentation at Quondam, particularly the reenactionary genealogy. ...add the OMA Hannover Hafen project where the voxelation occurs inside a stone shape (which always reminded me of those inside crystals). a few voxelation models.

2009.09.23 15:24
MVRDV build a new bank headquarter!
from eikongraphia, where pixel should be changed to voxel:
Manhattan Bar Chart, by OMA
Amethyst, by OMA
Michiel van Raaij:
Yes, that is right. The pixelation theme appears in this design for the Science Center…

And in the Gakuen Tower shown in the 'Content' Exhibition
And in the entry for the Gazprom competition
And in the Beijing Books Building
That is at least 4 times. Will the next book by Rem be called 'Pixels'?
Actually, The New High: ODing on Voxels.*

OMA, Monaco Hotel, 2008.
Hey, everything can't be a voxel!

OMA, India Tower, 2008.

MVRDV build a new bank headquarter!
Voxel Gets-U-High

Philip Johnson, Lincoln Kirstein Tower, 1985.



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