22 September

1801 birth of Charles Rohault de Fleury
1861 death of Ernst Friedrich Zwirner

the architect's wife style [was 3-d]
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MORPHOSIS Exhibit Redux
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architectural otherness
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Re: evolution and aesthetics
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Re: The Evolution of Functionalism
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Old School of New Thinking
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Eisenhower Memorial to consider plan that removes most of Frank Gehry’s designs
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For those with discriminating taste, a competition for the best public restroom in the U.S.
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Carrying a racist legacy, highways today play a central role in civil rights activism
2016.09.22 09:59     3314p

Architect Robert Venturi dies at age 93
2018.09.22 10:46     3316u

Jean Nouvel   Ordino’s Querola   Andorra

Hess/Talhof/Kusmierz   Bauhaus Museum   Dessau

990922a Villa Savoye Heidi Weber Pavilion perspectives   2156i07
99092202 Capital Park West model   2250i00
99092203 Capital Park West perspectives   2250i01
99092204 Capital Park West perspectives plan, elevations   2250i02
99092205 St. Pierre at Firminy Vert model site plan   2189i00
99092206 St. Pierre at Firminy Vert plans sections elevations perspectives axonometrics site plan   2189i01
99092207 Villa Savoye Maison l'Homme Sober House 1 perspectives   2156i08
99092208 Palais des Congrès model   2198i05 2199i01
99092209 Palais des Congrès model level 4   2198i06
99092210 Palais des Congrès plans elevations   2198i07
99092211 Palais des Congrès perspective, axonometrics   2198i08
99092212 Retreat House model plan   2237i01
99092213 Retreat House Goldenberg House Hurva Synagogue plans   2179i00
99092214 Wagner House model   2238i01
99092215 Wagner House plans elevations   2238i02

020922a Wallraf-Richartz Museum plans elevations axonometrics perspectives   2227i03
020922b Museum for Nordrhine Westfalen plans elevations axonometrics perspectives   2226i10

2003.09.22 12:29
Re: evolution and aesthetics
P. asks: But where is the principle in architecture which is equivalent to that of mathematics? If there had been one - why would we have styles which change throughout history. Where is this constant here? How does it show itself in history?
S. replies: Earth's gravity is for sure a constant [force] that all architecture has to contend with. For example, although styles change, the predominant notion of floors being level doesn't. [How does an arch best resist gravity? Via it being rounded or via it being pointed?]
Another constant [force] that architecture always (has to) deal with is climate, and the fact that climate varies significantly dependent on location may well explain why (for most of its history) architecture (style) varies significantly dependent on location. Odd/funny how a great many of the buildings designed and executed today strive to have a constant climate inside regardless of where the building is outside.
"What climate does the inside of your building reenact?"
"I love how your design pointedly reenacts a resistance to gravity."
Perhaps Disney's greatest achievement is the making of lots of money reenacting reenactments.
"What New Urbanism is doing is great. We should reenact that reenactment here."
"This is my greatest design yet! It reenacts both evolution and aesthetics!"

07092201 Courthouse with Garage axonometrics perspectives   2160i02

Old School of New Thinking

13092201 Pantheon within IQ Philadelphia street grid and building footprints plans   206fi07
13092202 Pantheon within IQ Infringement Complex plans   206fi08

15092201   Hess/Talhof/Kusmierz   Bauhaus Museum   Dessau

18092201   Jean Nouvel   Ordino’s Querola   Andorra

19092201 Das Canoas House plan section   217oi01
19092202 Casa de Vidro plan elevation working data   217pi02

20092201   Maze House site maze plan model work   229li14

22092201 ancient circuses Ludus Flora Basilica of St. Agnes Mausoleum of Constantina plans   206qi02





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