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Diptych: architecture and thinking twice. ...a more spontaneous creative book, a “slap-dash” manner. ...the web page layout which itself is a diptych.
...his thesis being inspired by an implied diptych and thus leading me to think about the implied diptychs of Annunciation paintings.
...the notion of (ab)using the model collection to generate new buildings, perhaps always a combination--hybrid-ing--of two different buildings at a time.
...perhaps changing Diptych to Duplicity.

Diptych: architecture and thinking twice
The next step will be to conceptualize what kinds of images will also be in Diptych. Of course, many (if not most) will be cad drawings, and I'm straight off thinking that I want to create all kinds of new "buildings" via collage, mesh surfaces, rotation extrusions, design developments.

Diptych: Architecture and Thinking Twice
w.q.c/diptych could be another subquondam and it could easily supercede /jpeg. The main theme could be the juxtaposition of images like “the metabolic aesthetic,” but even more it could continue and further develop what began with Ottopia and the dual marquees. ...lots of opportunity here to do a lot of experimental presentations using a vast variety of images and texts gotten from just about anywhere.
The prisons comparison would be a good place to start.

2003.06.25 16:50
top 5 movies with great architecture or regarding architecture
Did you know that when a depiction of Boullée is shown in The Belly of the Architect, the image is actually that of Piranesi?

Just over a year ago there was a display within "Theatrics Times Two" at that compared the symmetry of The Ruling Class with the symmetry of The Belly of the Architect. I think Greenaway was much influenced by The Ruling Class.




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