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Ury Farm as Garden of Satire
Since Acropolis Q is now at Ury/NNTC, it then becomes interesting to see how the scale of Horti Luciliani compares to Ury Farm.

to do
a. coordinate the Library 2 elements into Asouq Neighborhoods; perhaps even Library 1 parts. Get started with Asouq massing models.
b.combine Pantheon Paradigm novel chapter with DTM Apraksin District; make it the size of IQ but with a new 1x2 grid.
m. can all of the museum collection be placed in situ throught IQ/NNTC and everywhere in between including the Appian Way? Perhaps such a "database" will become the basis of "museum collecting".

Cubist ICM will be the labyrinth, maybe placed horizontally and centered at 8415. Perhaps 8415 will align with the Garden of Satire. IQ will be incorporated via matching ICM fragments with respective IQ/Philadelphia superimposition. The story will be journeying through the labyrinth, through the labyrinth of a museum of architecture. I'm already intrigued by the multiple plan/model overlay possibilities; creating the plans will simultaneously create the journey, and the finished record drawings being the journey's memories.

new Ichnographia Quondam
Started to work on a new 1x2 grid for IQ, and it turned into a whole rethink of IQ. The entire grid from NNTC down to the Circus of Maxentius now comprises IQ. It makes more sense in that everything CAD at Quondam is represented, and there is a place for everything, as well. One can now see how everything relates to everything else, yet everything remains independent at the same time. The whole CAD collection is now layered together, and this new registery makes the possibilities all the more evident and readily doable.

museum collecting in IQ
There is already the notion of placing all the museums in the collection somewhere in situ throughout what has since become the new IQ.
I wonder if the whole museum collection in situ will develop into some kind of cohesive design, or, just as well, a catalyst for further design development of IQ.

1. fill out the ICM edges with portions of Cubist ICM; fill out the blank areas due to the new IQ grid.
5. insert bands of Cubist ICM through the regular ICM; are there opportunities to insert bands throught the Philadelphia plan? There is already the Pantheon Paradigm band that need to be further developed.

reworking continued
I've been thinking of creating large bands of develpment between Center City and NNTC. I'm more interested in keeping the bands in line orthagonally with the present IQ grid (8800x4400), with the bands making a kind of "urban plaid." Very interesting, and a place for all kinds of Design scenarios, like more dtm/rem street grids.

IQ work
The banding of IQ is working well so far with large areas being filled with three iterations of Cubist ICM. These are cebtered, more or less, on 5233. and then spread north and south from there. I like the results so far--makes for all kinds of architectural imaginings. Next I'm going to fill some sections with rem grids, and down the road all sections will be interchangable. I should look at some of Libeskind's student collages for further inspiration, plus OMA's Parc La Villette, plus some of the Quaestio Abstrusa Backgrounds. Perhaps I should start composing with images attached and/or composing via image-fill in PaintShop.

much to do
Just now thought of surrounding 5233 with the PMA (instead of 5233 moved down to Fairmount) using the Cut & Paste Museum. Going to go through with this and play up all the virtual possibilities. It's interesting how Cubist ICM at 5233 conjures up so many further ideas.

IQ redo
IQ is now fully labyrinthian and multi-locational.
Virtual Philadelphia is now also a working category of IQ. It will be good to see all this work presented in one place, in both plan and model form.



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