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Started the process of coordinating the Philadelphia model with Ichnographia Quondam. Right now the priority is to bring each section up to the level of completeness relative to the data compiled thus far.
But what is this really all about? It has to do with "using" the museum, and also using history, specifically architectural history. also employ Quondam as an outlet for architectural fiction, and, right now, the theme of Quondam's architecture fiction is Quondam itself and the buildings in its collection are the novel characters.

Ichnographia Quondam ideas
...placing the collection of Villa Savoye derivatives onto the Philadelphia grid just as the plans are currently situated within the collective database. This will then provide a place within Ichnographia Quondam to position the various models, and in turn provide a (new) context for the models. the Campo Marzio Garden of Satire (horti Luciliani) permanently within the Philadelphia grid. The point being to acknowledge the 'garden of satire' as a distinct place within Ichnographia Quondam, and to see how the placement effects further growth (of ideas).
...have the Campo Marzio plans seep into the blank footprints of Parkway Interpolation buildings., and then extrude the Campo Marzio fragments as solids and infill the remaining space with transparent surfaces. In this sense the Campo Marzio plans act as infrastructural base for further building design development.
...the point of it all is to further develop the notion of [a] architecture museum and the notion of using museums. Using museums (and Ichnographia Quondam) as the place where the analysis happens as well as the design, meaning: start writing/describing what is going on (like site analysis and program analysis and formal analysis, etc.) and the writing/analysis then has a place within Ichnographia Quondam. It will be as if the illustrations of ideas and analyses become places themselves. This last statement has a potentially profound implication regarding the whole notion of executing virtual place.

museum collecting
...the collected museums are within Ichnographia Quondam.
...compile all the museum plans within Quondam's collection, meaning adding Museum Annex, Calder Museum, Working Title Museum, Haus der Kunst, Cut & Paste Museum (and just as an aside, the latest REX museum seems to relate to the Cut & Paste Museum), Acropolis Q, Venue, Gallery Berwin, Circle Squared Museum, Domestic Museum, 5233, Villa Savoye(?), Palace of Versailles, and all the superimposed museum plans.

bilocation, finally
Some more on "Bilocation Syndrome":
1. Axis of Life / Bejamin Franklin Parkway.
2. my walk down the Parkway / Axis of Life.
3. the key to Ichnographia Quondam.
4. Pagan - Christian - Triumphal Way of the Ichnographia Campus Martius.
5. Temple of Janus; Arch of Trajan/Constantine.
6. Diana the Huntress/Nympaeum; Vatican/Life of Constantine tapestries; Gates of Hell; Logan Circle/Hadrian's Tomb; Intercourse building/Love.
7. Quondam / Museumpeace.

reviewing Quondam
...the index pages themselves are now to be looked at as the outline of each building's story within history, and within the museum, and within IQ fiction.

Piranesian gigantism
Piranesi's rendition of Hadrian's tomb fits to scale within Philadelphia's Logan Circle. This coincidence in scale eventually led to the formation of Ichnographia Quondam.

2012.09.14 18:39
Repetition Repetition Repetition
Your Found Plan Mash-Ups don't have to be a dead end.
The mash-ups reminded me of the mirror-copy plans of Ichnographia Quondam, for example:

Also, check out the animations of 2008.01.04.

Ottopia becomes part of New Not There City
Ottopia becomes part of New Not There City.



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