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diptych: architecture and thinking twice

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Stonehenge | Pantheon

Pantheon | Minerva Medica

Minerva Medica / Tempietto

Tempietto | St. Peter's Basilica

St. Peter's Basilica | Sehzade Cami

Sehzade Cami | Villa Rotonda

Villa Rotonda | San Giorgio Maggiore

San Giorgio Maggiore | Altes Museum

Altes Museum | Guggenheim Museum

Guggenheim Museum | Palace of Assembly

Palace of Assembly | TJCC Day Camp

TJCC Day Camp | Acadia NPHQ Building

Acadia NPHQ Building | Princeton Memorial Park Tower

PMP Tower | Assembly Hall Islamabad

Assembly Hall | Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen

Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen | Neue Staatsgalerie

Neue Staatsgalerie | Museum of Architecture Venice

Museum of Architecture Venice | Stonehenge



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