The Philadelphia School, deterritorialized


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Vittorio De Feo

Library and Cultural Centre at Torre del Greco

2012.08.08 18:38
The Philadelphia School, deterritorialized
It's nice when coincidences spur a story.

Mitchell/Giurgola's Acadia National Park Headquarters building, 1965...

...but there are two very real, legitimate offspring of [this] design in Italy:

Vittorio De Feo, Library and Cultural Centre (Torre del Greco: 1969).

[Aside: I would not know the architecture of Vittorio De Feo if I had not purchased an A+U magazine focusing on Vittorio De Feo at Wittenborn Books in Manhattan sometime early Spring 1977. I told my second year second semester studio crit, Hal Guida, that I and six other classmates were going to Manhatten for Spring Break, and he right away suggested I visit Wittenborn Books. There was a sizable compilation of back issues of A+U magazines for sale, and I bought about six of them. Hal Guida worked at Mitchell/Giurgola, assisted Giurgola with Roma Interrotta in 1978, and moved to Australia with Giurgola to work on the new Parliament Building in Canberra in 1981.]



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