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Venturi and Rauch

Dixwell Fire Station

2002.01.02 16:56
back from Rome
I'm trying to think of what Venturi et al building the detail [of Moretti's Casa...] reminds me of. There is the New Haven Firehouse (which might be the real connection), but isn't there some more recent building/design?

2009.02.05 11:43
Venturi's Lieb (No. 9) House to be moved (or demolished)
There was never any implication that the Lieb House and the Villa Savoye were to be compared in terms of design, importance or influence. Rather, both buildings are examples of modern houses that have undergone a change in context via museumification.
And now going on to another dossier--the influence (back in the day) of Venturi et al on Gehry.

2009.02.05 17:12
Venturi's Lieb (No. 9) House to be moved (or demolished)

1974 peeling wall detail as precursor of Gehry's later pliancy?

2011.12.06 21:36
Frank Gehry
I have also wondered if the peeling wall detail of a 1970-3 Venturi and Rauch project is percursor to Gehry's pliancy.



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