career of Karl Friedrich Schinkel

career of Karl Friedrich Schinkel

Schinkel as reenactor
The case could well be made that Schinkel was a prime reenactionary architect. Many of his buildings reenact buildings of ancient Athens as well as vernacular Italy. His plans for central Berlin also reenact imperial Rome.

2003.04.26 14:53
Re: liberty architecture moving to ground zero?
A comparative study of the work of Schinkel and his architectural contemporaries in America suggests a surprising early 19th century "international" style based on the newly documented architectures of ancient Greece--it was not until the Turks were militarily pushed out of the Greek mainland by Europeans in the late 1700s that these ancient buildings were re-discovered. The "liberation of Greece" was seen politically by the Europeans as another victory for democracy, and hence the ancient Greek style of architecture became a symbol of democracy, especially in the USA. Schinkel and his contemporaries were thus great reenactors, manifesting a real reenactionary architecturism.
Is an educated blindness to symbolism today's international architectural style?

Neue Wache
Berlin, 1817-18
Karl Friedrich Schinkel

Berlin, 1818
Karl Friedrich Schinkel

Neue Wilhelmstrasse
Berlin, 1819
Karl Friedrich Schinkel

Altes Museum
Berlin, 1822-1830
Karl Friedrich Schinkel




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