26 April

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Re: liberty architecture moving to ground zero?
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full name of Maria, wife of Honorius
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Interactive Facades
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the state of drawing in education
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Best Archinect quotes?
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MoMA to raze ex American Folk Art Museum building
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what is 'beauty' in Architecture?
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Kono Marcotulli Seung   Pixel Standards of Diplomacy   Parliaments for the Indo Pacific Region

OMA   Knoll Pavilion 2018   Milan

2003.04.26 14:53
Re: liberty architecture moving to ground zero?
A comparative study of the work of Schinkel and his architectural contemporaries in America suggests a surprising early 19th century "international" style based on the newly documented architectures of ancient Greece. The "liberation of Greece" was seen politically by the Europeans as another victory for democracy, and hence the ancient Greek style of architecture became a symbol of democracy, especially in the USA. Schinkel and his contemporaries were thus great reenactors, manifesting a real reenactionary architecturism.
Is an educated blindness to symbolism today's international architectural style?

2005.04.26 11:46
Maybe architects don't get paid like actors because architects are largely reenactors.

2008.04.26 14:26
Interactive Facades
1. Acting or capable of acting on each other.
2. Computer Science Of or relating to a program that responds to user activity.
3. Of, relating to, or being a form of television entertainment in which the signal activates electronic apparatus in the viewer's home or the viewer uses the apparatus to affect events on the screen, or both.
Most electronic facades are active, and very few electronic facades are interactive.
the missing link:

2008.04.26 14:52
the state of drawing in education
I utilize blah-blah-blah. It's this great CAD software I invented where one draws via talking to the computer. It even lets you talk in mixed-up languages!
Hey Media Lab, quick steal this idea before someone else does.

"talk in mixed-up languages"

the state of drawing in education
I've been using CAD to draw architecture for 25 years now, and it hasn't been data input, rather data generation. Architectural drawing with a pencil or pen also amounts to data generation. The greatest advantage of CAD drawing over 'hand' drawing is the fluidity of CAD architectural drawing data.
I haven't printed any drawing of mine in years, yet almost all my drawings are viewable virtually anywhere on the planet, and maybe even in outer space.
In the midst of all this, I now see 'drawing' as a mental state just slightly prior to the data state. Perhaps, then, the mental state of drawing is also at an advantage when fluid.

2013.04.26 10:00
MoMA to raze ex American Folk Art Museum building
The problem with art as an imposition is its then agency of take it or leave it.

14042601 Market Street East Development plan orthagonal 44002 in situ   2263i04
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17042601 New Atheneum plan IQ47 site plan 4400x2200   2460i01
17042602 New Atheneum model work   2460i02
17042603 New Atheneum plan model IQ47 site plan 4400x2200   2460i03
17042604 Atheneum plans sections wireframe plan/section   2231i09

17042601   Kono Marcotulli Seung   Pixel Standards of Diplomacy   Parliaments for the Indo Pacific Region

18042601   OMA   Knoll Pavilion 2018   Milan

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