31 December

feast of St. Sylvester
439 death/feast of Melania the Younger

1506 Guillaume Pellevoisin was chosen to construct the new tower of the cathedral of Bourges, France
1507 Nicolas Biard was consulted (December 4) concerning the dangerous condition of the tower of the cathedral of Bourges which fell December 31
1520 contract for Guillaume de Marcillat's decoration in fresco of the vaults of the cathedral of Arezzo
1572 death of Galeazzo Alessi

1826 death of François Mazois
1834 death of Jean-Nicolas-Louis Durand
1880 death of Hector Martin Lefuel

Olympic Park, Munich

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Architectural Education Again
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Schinkel as reenactor
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Any archinecters from Philadelphia?
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pragmatists turning political?
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31 December
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Lacaton & Vassal   Insectarium Metamorphosis   Montreal

BIG   Knowledge and Cultural Centre   Kongsberg

OFFICE   Tondo   Brussels

91123101 Parthenon columns at Villa Stein de Monzie perspective   2284i01

Architectural Education Again
...list of architectural references: The Life of Pope Sylvester, from the Liber Pontificalis, translated and notated by Louise Ropes Loomis, Ph. D, 1916.
Earliest copies of the Liber Pontificalis date from the 8th century. It is through this text that we now know the spiral columns of San Pietro Vaticano came originally from Greece. It was during the life of Sylvester that Rome went through a tremendous church 'building boom' during the reign of Constantine. All the first basilicas of Rome are listed, along with their precious metal furniture schedule and lighting fixture schedule, and the list of properties endowed to each individual church in order to keep the churches sustainable. (Normally it is accepted that the properties given to the churches were originally Imperial properties, but lately I've been wondering whether many of the properties may have actually first belonged to Pagan temples, i.e., properties that sustained the Pagan temples as well.)
Overall, the Life of Pope Sylvester gives a fairly concise glimpse into a moment in architectural history that for the most part no longer actually exists, however, a moment that for well over a millennium and a half dominated Western culture/architecture.



2008.12.31 09:38
pragmatists turning political?
The concluding 'Architecture' section of Aureli's "Toward the Archipelago" begins with:
"Let's immediately state that today's iconic building--the building that affirms its own singular presence through the appearance of its image, and that today constitutes one of the primary expressions of architectural culture at the scale of the city--cannot be a valid part of the city. Putting aside moral problems, issues of taste, and the gratuitous character of their forms, the iconic building cannot be considered an exemplary part of the city because its economic principle is to be unique and nonrepeatable."
This may well be what spurred Zaera-Polo's "The Politics of the Envelope".
[What works for me is] Mixing Aureli's "The political ... indicates the possibility of conflict and as such calls for its resolution" and Zaera-Polo's "For architecture ... to convey that tendencies in the articulation of the building envelope capture the new political affects, to communicate that certain manipulations of the ground and the roof indicate the politicization of nature, or to explain the breakdown of the correlation between interior and exterior and private and public, are legitimate political performances."
Are ZP's categories of the envelope an attempt at repeatable icons?
brise-soleil: the politics of sun breaking
--Le Corbusier
--Kahn at Philadelphia Psychiatric
--Venturi at Frankfurt Arts & Crafts
houses under a common/detached roof
-- Plecnik
-- Le Corbusier
-- Krier at La Villette
osmotic architecture
-- Pantheon
--Versailles Hall of Mirrors
-- Altes Museum
-- Kimball Art Museum
hyper envelopes of UnStudio
--Arnheim Central
--Architecture Faculty Venice
--Music Faculty Graz

14123101 Dresdner Bank model plans elevations section site plan practically true north   223ci12   b
14123102 Dresdner Bank plan Pantheon Paradigm   243bi12

14123101   Lacaton & Vassal   Insectarium Metamorphosis   Montreal

15123101   Villa + 15 site plan 1100x550 Campo Rovine   2409i03
15123102   Villa Plus Ultra plan 1100x550 Campo Rovine   2398i06c
15123103   Villa Plus Ultra model plan Campo Rovine   2398i06b

15123101   BIG   Knowledge and Cultural Centre   Kongsberg

17123101 Crown Hall plans elevation section   217wi01

18123101   OFFICE   Tondo   Brussels

20123101   iqq23 plan   2468i123
20123102   iqq23.10 model Houses Under a Common Roof working data   2468i124   b
20123103   iqq23.10 Houses Under a Common Roof model working data   2170i51
20123104   iqq23.10 Francisville Housing model working data   2292i12




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