1993 cloning
2003.01.05 "U.S. disaster plans include cloned icons"

reenactment notes
The whole notion of cloning and recombinant gene-splicing is exactly what reenactment architecture is the new paradigm for the next millennium. I was also thinking that reenactment architectures are primarily metabolic, yet, like the Renaissance, reenactment is sometimes closely associated with assimilation. Moreover, the pyramids in that they represent mountains are reenactment architecture, but here it is extreme architecture as well. So reenactment architecture permeates all the various modes of the imagination, however, the operational type of reenactment architecture now/today is the metabolic reenactment.

virtual architecture
I agree whole-heartedly that cyberspace offers a "parallel" realm within which to design and 'build'. The term I've used instead of parallel is 'other', as in the best architecture in cyberspace is something other than the architecture of the real world. I too am not interested in seeing the architecture of cyberspace merely being a reenactment of the real world. [The real world of architecture already does an excellent job of reenacting itself.]

2001.08.21 13:47
It seems axiomatic that reenactment has a lot to do with persistence, and, when you think ahead to human cloning, persistence has a whole lot to do with reenactment.

2002.01.08 13:51
Re: Tampa, Florida
I'm glad that you at least admit your resistance to the notion of reenactment, but linking reenactment with predestination is something that you should be more analytical of. I certainly don't recall ever referring to reenactment as something related to predestination, but I will consider it.
Reenactment comprises patterns of behavior, particularly repetitive patterns of behavior, but in no way does reenactment enforce or restrict options to some specific patterns of behavior only. In this sense, reenactment does not have the same power as DNA. As science tells us more and more each day, DNA is indeed minutely packaged predestination, but DNA is not really reenactment until it is cloned. [And the notion of "designer DNA" becomes kind of perverse in that it is free-willed reenactment based on altered predestination. Or something like that!]
Of course, it may turn out that our own DNA is actually all about reenactment, and always has been, but even then DNA does not hold complete and utter control of everything. Or does it?
The mention of "manhood rituals" doesn't especially help your case in resisting reenactment. Are not rituals almost always, if not always only reenactments of something done before? I don't like putting this way, but your going out to "luxuriate by himself high on a mountainside in forbidden territory" appears to be reenacting a somewhat widespread 'dream' of perfect design.

2003.01.05 10:46
Re: Re-architecting US Icons
After reading "U.S. disaster plans include cloned icons" I became thoroughly convinced that Quondam is the perfect name for a virtual museum of architecture.
quondam: (from the Latin) once, at one time, formerly; at times, sometimes, once in a while; some day, one day (in the future)
Re-architecting US icons = pure Reenactionary Architecturism.

2003.06.24 10:50
in Kline's shadow
Remember pure cloning is nothing less than extreme reenactment. Imagine that, a future that is precisely something that actually once was. I quess it is true that reenactment likewise engenders an inversion.

2003.06.24 14:20
Re: Götterdämmerung?
Remember, mnemonics is a technique of improving the efficiency of the memory, and not memory in and of itself. Memory is mental reenactment, thus mnemonics is a technique of improving the efficiency of mental reenactment. Mnemonics is very much an 'architecture' of reenactment.
Cloning too is reenactment, albeit extreme/pure reenactment--how exactly does one describe the degree of separation manifest via cloning? --not a zero degree, but not exactly one degree either--is it then virtual and real sameness all in two (or more)?
Is cloning also radical repetition? It certainly is a radical form of reproduction.

2004.06.13 09:28
cloning architecture - a global search
The State Capitol of Pennsylvania is fairly exact though shrunk copy of the St. Peter's Rome. See also the Cathedral of Montreal.
Herrenchiemsee of Ludwig II, the ultimate Versailles, sigh.
The Philadelphia Museum of Art is very similar to the Academy of Athens.
There are reenactionary Choragic Monuments in (at least) Philadelphia and Berlin.
The Free Library and the Family Courthouse of Philadelphia reenact the Place de la Concorde.
what is cloning if not reenactment?

2004.06.16 05:53
cloning architecture - a global search
I too was thinking of McMansions last night. Swarms of clones sprawling over the US suburban landscape. But notice too what these homes try so hard to reenact, essentially the 'lifestyle' of very wealthy people from quondam times.




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