subtext reenactment


subtext reenactment - this is an almost bizarre idea of having an almost secret place "beneath" the Encyclopedia Ichnographia. There would be a link under "subtext" and under "reenactment" to a place where the Campo Marzio is being reenacted in 3-d using my existing model collection. Essentially, I will be constructing an "analogous city" a la Canaletto's Capriccio and Aldo Rossi.
This could be an entirely creative and inventive effort, and one that will be also complete fun. I particularly remember thinking:
a. Houses Under a Common Roof in place of the Porticus Septa Julia.
b. morphing the Altes Museum into one of the long (linear) porticus
c. replacing the Sepul. Hadriani with a tripod from the Altes Museum roof (or even the layered structure from Stirling's Cologne Museum). automatic context within which to "display" and "set" Quondam's model collection.
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3. ichnographia: begin with the subtext reenactment notes and straight away follow through with the graphics--Acropolis Q at/on the Horti Luciliani--interested in what the scale comparison is.





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