Karl Friedrich Schinkel

Altes Museum     Berlin

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98061701   sculpture group atop the attic

the Altes Museum as another Quondam branch
...the possibility of opening a branch of Quondam at the Altes Museum in the same way that I will be using the other Quondam branches. I assume, however, that I will probably carry out a more German-Schinkel theme at the Berlin branch, just as I may carry out more Italian themes at the Venice branch.

13092801   Altes Museum   Museum of Architecture   plans

individual building comparisons
...comparing the Motherhouse of the Dominican Sisters and the Altes Museum because of their almost exact same size and similar enclosure of repetitive units.
The Dominican Motherhouse-Altes Museum comparison will allow the creation of a new composite building...

13092801   Altes Museum   Motherhouse of the Dominican Sisters   plans

new Quondam [ideas]
Replace the Ionic columns of the Altes Museum with the Doric columns of the Parthenon (rescaled?).

13092902   portion of Altes Museum elevation with column of the Parthenon

Ara Martis [complex]
the idea that the Campo Marzio Ara Martis complex, in its collection of typologies, is somewhat similar to Schinkel's Altes Museum in the way that the museum is also a composite of typologies.

13092801   Ara Martis complex   Altes Museum   plans

Subtext reenactment - morphing the Altes Museum into one of the long (linear) porticus.
Virtual Altes Museum - a new program for the Altes Museum, keeping the building as is, and additions to the building to be virtual.

13092903   Porticus Septorum Juliorum   Porticus Vipsania   Porticus Quirini   Porticus a S.P.Q.R. Amoenitati Dicata   Porticus Alexandri Severi   Altes Museum   plans



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