The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
Stephen Lauf

3 November 312
Eutropia tells them all about her early imperial years living in Rome. Miltiades tells Eutropia, and the rest, about Maxentius's rule in Rome. And Helena is writing down all the names of people and locations, while, at the same time, compiling a complete list of Rome's imperial properties. Turns out that Eutropia and Miltiades and Helena form a perfect team to manifest a perfect storm of new Constantinian and Christian architecture in Rome.

3 November 1778   Tuesday

New plan of the Circus Flaminius jam tum Apollinaris.   Laura's still etching the new plan of the Circus Caii, et Neronis, Francesco's working on Paestum, and Pietro's playing with Bruno, the dog. Or was it the magic cat?

3 November 1812   Tuesday

The weather was delightful autumnal serenity. The early trees are stripped of their leaves, others are yet clothed well with variously colored honors.

3 November 2022   Thursday
Downloaded Corpus Basilicarum Christianarum Romae: The Early Christian Basilicas of Rome Vol. IV from, which contains the information on S. Sebastiano.

Apparently, volumes II and III were "prepared and printed with the support of the Phyllis Lambert Architectural Research and Publication Fund, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University."

2002.04.11 17:27
Re: being/critical
Museum smile--say (Seagram's) whiskey.
Hey R, remember when we had champagne and snacks with Phyllis Lambert at her Montreal loft in Fall 1979? Weren't there like long, white shear draperies hanging all over the place. It's kinda funny to think that she had absolutely no idea what we were doing there. Didn't we also like rudely leave when we got bored? (Those draperies turned out to be useful for something.) [true story]
Went down to Independence National Park this afternoon. Wanted to take pictures of the 1976 Liberty Bell pavilion (Mitchell/Giurgola Architects) before it becomes completely quondam when the Bell is moved to its forthcoming new home in Spring 2003. With all the news about the first Executive Mansion (with slave quarters) of the USA, you would think that the plans to demolish the present Liberty Bell pavilion would be rethought (as I mentioned before).
Anyway, all the historic shrines are now barricaded and guarded (since 9-11), so I took pictures of this latest layer of American shrine history as well.
Palimpsest is not exactly apposition because an erasure occurs before something new is applied. Apposition occurs within palimpsest when traces of the erasure begin to be seen again.
R, weren't you at Independence National Park at 12 midnight 1 January 1976 when the Liberty Bell was moved to the new pavilion?
What's really artistic about self-collecting is its ongoing nature as an unfinished work in progress (like the only worthwhile art that JY writes of). Self-exhibiting is artistic for the same reason. Here's one of the treasures I've collected: [a link that no longer exists]

Miers Fisher collected the rent money for the first Executive Mansion of the United States of America. George Washington was even once a dinner guest at Miers Fisher's table.

2007.03.09 18:28
...and speaking of random tangents
I went to the Historical Society of Frankford this morning--continuing research on Ury House. It was my first time there. The Keno brothers loved it, and now I do too. I'm going back tomorrow, even.
H. Jean Crawford read a paper on "Ury House" at the Historical Society of Frankford 27 November 1936. Miss Crawford lived at Ury then (and I live there now, and there's talk of another paper on "Ury House" at the Historical Society of Frankford). Crawford's paper offers some new information, particularly regarding George Washington's visit to Ury House [sic: the dinner was at Miers Fisher's house on Mulberry Street (now Arch Street), a block north of the "executive mansion"]: "There is corroboration for this tale in the "Washington Table", which the late Mr. Samuel Parrish of New York, a great grandson of Miers Fisher, has preserved as a relic of Ury House, in his Museum at Southampton Long Island."
So I google parrish museum southampton and give them a call. Unfortunately, they don't have any of Samuel Parrish's possessions in the collection any longer, but I still have to talk with someone there that might know better. I had no idea Herzog & de Meuron were working on a design for the Parrish Art Museum. The plan...

...of the new museum design reminds me of this. And the plan also reminds me of random tangents.
Do you think Herzog & de Meuron know that the first virtual museum of architecture online emanates these days from a place once owned by Samuel Parrish's great grandfather?
Bonus question: Did you know Miers Fisher Jr.'s 30 hour St. Petersburg (Russia) wife, was also eventually a passenger on the "Boatload of Knowledge," and that Robert Owen was with her when he arrived at New Harmony, Indiana, 12 January 1826?
Hélène's life was very random tangent.

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