The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
Stephen Lauf

23 November 1777
It was around this time that the publishing prep work commenced for the Paestum work. Francesco, the Francophile, never stopped not speaking French. Everyone was learning though.

23 November 1778   Monday
They're all still there, applying the finishing touches to Différentes vues de quelques Restes de trois grands Edifices qui subsistent encore dans le milieu de l'ancienne Ville de Pesto autrement Posidinia qui est située dans la Lucanie: Laura, Francesco, Benedetto, Pietro, Bruno the dog, Bruno the spy, Bruno the ink guy, Bruno the paper guy, Bruno the wax guy . . . ad infinitum.

23 November 1812   Monday

Morning clear, excessive white frost, wind SSW, clouds .......... before noon. Employed in preparation to go to town this afternoon and also in drawing an addition to Redheffer's Automoton to propose to Wm. Rawle. I set off for town about 1/4 past 3. Called at J.L. Fisher's, left a draft of his will with him, and reached town about 6.

23 November 2018

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23 November 2020

23 November 2022   Wednesday
It appears difficult to date any of Laura's prints to a specific year but there is a clear distinction among all of them: they are all signed either Lavora Piranesi or Laura Piranesi. Perhaps the prints signed Laura date to after Piranesi's death; he always called her Laura as an adult, and it was quite noticeably the name he said most the last several months of his life.

Of course, Francesco learned French at the French Academy, and he seemed to have a natural gift for picking up languages. But, there was also a power shift in geography going on with the American War of Independence and the European military men helping the revolutionary cause: Lafayette, von Steuben, Pulaski and more.

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