The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
Stephen Lauf


Piranesi's first "view."

summer solstice 1778

Piranesi's last site plan.

22 November 1778   Sunday
Laura's and Francesco's comparing of notes (i.e., things their father told each of them while in extremis) is a success, in that a workable (business) plan of action manifested itself. The other plan of action, the one their father taught them years earlier, is instinctually at play: "Whenever you want people to keep their distance while at the same time always talking about you, just act a little crazy."

"You will Probably have heard that Poor Piranesi is dead, the behavior of his family most probably have shortened his days, he was in treaty to have Sold his Plates to the Pope, in order to Prevent their being dissipated which there is reason to fear may be the case."
Letter from Thomas Jenkins to Charles Townley.

22 November 1812   Sunday

Morning clear, wind NW. ... white frost. Meeting silent till near the close when Samuel Sch....... gave a few words very pertinently on the text Blessed are the poor in spirit, etc. We dined alone. PM Abram[?] Woolman and three other neighbors called to see the plan of Redheffer's machine, which I explained as well as I could to their understanding. Evening I transcribed the will of J. L. Fisher agreeably to some new directions received as I ..... out. Temperature rose to 44 degrees and the wind came round by E to SSW.

22 November 2004

Virtual Architecture 017

22 November 2007
Complex Iconography and Contradictory Content in Architecture
What if all myths and religions are based on truth? Could humanity even handle such a condition?

22 November 2020

22 November 2022   Tuesday
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