The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
Stephen Lauf

18 January 1778   Sunday
Vases, Candelabra, Grave Stones, Sarcophagi. Tripods, Lamps and Ancient Ornaments   volume I

Four lamps.
In Ancient Bronze Lamp found in the Excavations, made in the Year 1773. in the Courtyard of the Palace, belonging to the Most Excellent Mr. Francesco Gaetani Duke of Sermoneta. located in Santa Maria Maggiore. She is dedicated to Jupiter, as shown by the head carved above.
B Ancient Bronze Lamp representing a Moor's Head, and was found in the same Excavations.
C Ancient Terra Cotta Lamp, existing in the Museum of the Roman College.
D Another View of the Lamp already described in the previous Table, shown in another fig.a, the q(ua)le was dedicated to Diana.
Cav. Piranesi F.

18 January 1812   Saturday

I awaked early, much relieved from pain in the parts affected, which, however were considerably swollen and Dr. Gless[?] strongly recommended to me to go home, abstain from animal food not entirely but with prudence, to use cathartic medicines for some days, etc. My friend Joshua Longstreth offered his carriage to bring out his mother and me. We accordingly accepted it, set off about 4 PM and reached Ury before dark, just however as it began to snow from NE.

18 January 1993

Taken Literally not part of the story

18 January 2021

18 January 2023   Wednesday
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