The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
Stephen Lauf

31 January 1778   Saturday
Vases, Candelabra, Grave Stones, Sarcophagi. Tripods, Lamps and Ancient Ornaments   volume I

Drawing of a fourth part of a vault existing in one of the ancient structures of Villa Adriana. Today it can be seen at the country house of Mr. Conte Fede.
Cav. Piranesi F.

31 January 1812   Friday

I suppose the wind came round in the night to W whence there is a fresh breeze this morning. Sky without a cloud except the ...... in the E. Therm. 39°. The ground and .... slightly frozen in places permanently shaded. The frost in my garden upon level ground which I suppose is a general average of the exposed fields is thawed exactly four inches from the surface down and is below that 7 inches deep firmly frozen. There is no snow left in the open fields but where it was drifted thicker than the general level. Reading this evening Cyclopedia title Crusade[?], I thought I saw the origin of Judicial[?] Combate[?] in criminal and civil ......, may be traced back to very early ages, perhaps to 8th or 7th century. These however were regulated by law and it appears they were not very fashionable; for the fine for not accepting the ..... are stated title duel to have been a very considerable source of the revenue of the Crown. But when Jerusalem was taken and the country round about .... under subjection to the Christian Princes of Europe, they chose Godfrey of Bouillon their sovereign and established a Code of Chivalric Law under the title of the A..... of Jerusalem ... ........ the trial by battle war allowed in all cases criminal which affected the life, limb or honor of any person, and civil of the value of one mark of silver, i.e., 13/4. The Knights of the Temple of St. John of Jerusalem and the Temple of Solomon were tran.... with exterior jurisdiction to Malta and the spirit of Chivalry diffused[?] from thence throughout Europe introduced the private challenges in the lives of the judicial .....
These societies of Knights Jerusalem were the origin of Free Masons, whose secret ..... would perhaps explain the whole history of duels and their influence exerted in earnest might put an end to them.

31 January 2011
After finishing "Instrauratio Urbis" a second time this morning, I then got out Bufalini's map again, and made another discovery--the 'O' of ROMA along the top of [Nolli's re-engraving of] Bufalini's map corresponds with Piranesi's placement of the spiraling oval of the Naumachia Domitiani. Piranesi is probably laughing right now.

31 January 2013
31 Januray
And today, 31 January 2013, I see how the scant ruin labeled V. Aragoiner within Bufalini's map spurred Piranesi's design of the Horti Lucullani.

31 January 2023   Tuesday

1802   Dessins Coloriés     Francesco takes part in the III Universal Exhibition     Francesco founds an academy, which lasts till 1805.

1803   November-December: Francesco and Pietro are returned the objects that they had left in Rome and which Commissioner Venuti seized for the King of Naples, [maybe].

1804   Calcographie des Piranesi, ou, Traité des arts d'architecture, peinture et sculpture : développés par la vue des principaux monumens antiques et modernes     Antiquités de la Grande-Grèce volume I     Francesco returns to G. B. Piranesi's late drawings of Pompeii.

1806   Antiquités de la Grande-Grèce volume II     Francesco become editor of Athenaeum magazine.

1807   Antiquités de la Grande-Grèce volume III     Pietro sells his share of the business and returns to Rome.     Type du beau sur toutes les productions du génie dans les arts

1809   December: A decree authorizes the French government to purchase the Piranesi copper plates.

1810   27 January: death of Francesco Piranesi in Paris.

Vases, Candelabra, Grave Stones, Sarcophagi. Tripods, Lamps and Ancient Ornaments   volume I

Ancient Etruscan metal chariot or chariot used in circus games
Francesco Piranesi D.D.D.       1778?

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