The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
Stephen Lauf

30 January 1778   Friday
Vases, Candelabra, Grave Stones, Sarcophagi. Tripods, Lamps and Ancient Ornaments   volume I

Vault and Wall of one of the Chambers belonging to the building of delight adjoining the Circus of Caracalla
Cav. Franco Piranesi engraved.

30 January 1812   Thursday

Morning thick fog, vane SWerly, calm. Therm. 40°. Employed the forenoon in settling and mailing out my accounts with Janus Simons. The fog continued thru the day. Therm. rose to 44°, ground thawed about 3 inches, very sloppy. Obliged to use the cart to go to the wash house to bring up the ironed[?] cloathes[?]. Employed the evening in further progress with D. Davis account. Got the wheat and rye divided today. The weather for the past week has been a commentary in process of my observation often repeated that this latitude has no climate of its own. Southerly winds have produced the temperatures of Spring into frozen grounds in the midst of Winter. Snow nearly a foot deep and ground frozen 10 inches deep are mostly melted, to the depth of 3 or 4 inched below the surface.

30 January 2023   Monday

State of the objects that the Piranesi brothers, Roman artists, had left in Rome and which Commissioner Venuti seized for the King of Naples, in the contempt of the agreement signed between General Garnier and Baron de Bourcard, for H.M. Sicilienne, under the guarantee of H.M. Briton.
To know:
250 large drawings of the Tajane column, finished in black pencil, and a quantity of engravings by Voulet (sic) and other famous artists; more, 6 illuminated drawings by Després, ci... 9,450 fr.
300 drawings of the city of Pompeii, the theater of Hercolanum and the museum of Portici, with plans and descriptions... 9,450
Various manuscripts enclosed in a box and forming 200 bundles, works of great erudition by Jean-Baptiste Piranesi, which had cost him fifty years of work and which he had not yet published. . . 20,480
24 volumes of compositions, drawings of antiquities by Jean-Baptiste Piranesi... 13,125
60 drawings of views of Rome, Tivoli and Frascati, and two large drawings by Philippe Ackert, of great merit... 3,050
50 drawings of ancient statues of different sizes, by very renowned artists; 30 drawings of the Villa Adrienne and its surroundings, by Francois Piranesi... 2,150
A press, utensils and everything that belongs to the printing press. 2,045
A mesh containing a large quantity of drawings made by the famous architect Legacq (sic: Legeay)... 2,000
All the correspondence and other papers, for 80 years, which concerned the house and the calcography; a selected library of works interesting science, fine arts and diplomacy...3,600
A colored drawing of Mount Vesuvius, by Després. Painting of the Girandole, with a surprising effect, by the famous Gagneraux. A board of Mount Vesuvius engraved by Carattoni. A large format drawing of the Circus of Caracalla... 2,500
300 drawings of the excavations made in Rome for 60 years, with their elevations, which were to serve to provide a plan of the ancient city of Rome... 18,375
250 drawings of the plans with the elevations of the Villa Adriana, in Tivoli, by Jean-Baptiste and François Piranesi; 140 drawings of the plans and elevation of the Circus of Caracalla... 12,600
150 drawings of the Baths of Caracalla, Diocletian and Titus, with description; 60 drawings of ancient ships, with description; 12 drawings of Egyptian obelisks; 180 drawings of the most sought-after ornaments by the most famous artists; 25 drawings of Caprarola Castle, with plans and elevations... 16,000
Store of Piranesi calcography prints and deposit of other prints by the most famous artists. Illuminated drawings by Després, Sablet, Ducrot, Paninis, etc. 50,000
Two volumes of prints by the famous Vateau; two volumes of prints by Israel Silvestre, de la Bella; landscapes by Pierre Testa and Salvator Rosa. The work of Baptiste Bartoli, old bows and other old prints, very rare...6,000
Two antique candelabras, of the height of seven feet and above... 10,500
Cabinets, with a large amount of dents; a general detail of Trajan's Column and Antonine Column; 10 rolls of drawings after Ackert. Finally, all the items in the workshop... 6,000
All the furniture in the house and several paintings by Caravaggio, Paolo, Avesi, Rosa, Tiera, Vanloo, etc... 6,000
Losses made in the first invasion of the Neapolitans... 40,000
Receivables which were carried on the books, and their supporting documents... 35,000
Marble statue of Jean-Baptiste Piranesi, with its pedestal, left in Rome... 10,000
Total… 278,323 fr.
18 Paris, 1st Nivôse, Year 9 (December 22, 1800) Piranesi brothers

The Trophy or Magnificent Spiral Column of marble composed of large drums on which are carved the two Dacian Wars of Trajan, raised in the middle of the large Forum, erected in honor of the same Emperor on the order of the Senate and People of Rome after his Triumph; Columna Antonina

Other relief of the other side of the pedestal (in two branches).
Decursion of Horsemen and Footmen at the Funeral of the Emperor Antoninus Pius
[Francesco Piransei]       1774-9

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