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1907   Perry Belmont mansion   1618 New Hampshire Ave. NW Washington DC   now International Order of Eastern Star*

1912   Adelphia Hotel   1229 Chestnut St. Philadelphia   now Adelphia Apts.

1912   Atlantic City YMCA   1315 Pacific Ave. Atlantic City NJ   now Inst. Human Development

1912   Bingham Hotel   1229 Chestnut St.

1916   Beneficial Savings Fund bank   1200 Chestnut St. Philadelphia  

1922   Benjamin Franklin Hotel   820 Chestnut St. Philadelphia   *

1922   Berwin Mausoleum   215 Belmont Ave. Bala Cynwyd PA   West Laurel Hill Cemetery*

1923   Beneficial Savings Fund bank   826 E. Allegheny Ave. Philadelphia  

1927   Competition Pennsylvania Museum of Art   3rd Pan American Congress of Architects   Buenos Aires

1928   Beneficial Savings Fund bank   Broad & Snyder Sts. Philadelphia   plans only

1931   Marly   2300 Foxhall Rd. NW Washington DC   mansion   now Belgium Ambassador's residence

1947   American College of Physicians   19 S. 22nd St. Philadelphia   office bldg.




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